Best dressed doesn’t always equal success, but we think it’s a great place to start.

Polished. Prepared. For where you are now, and where you want to go. The key is to make it look effortless.

Distilling everything we know from dressing men across the decades, we’ve reworked workwear for today. All the hallmarks of traditional British tailoring, updated to suit the modern man’s life.

Refined but contemporary. Quality cloth, sharply cut and an emphasis on detail.

A working wardrobe to make the day-to-day anything but ordinary. Shop the collection here.

The end of the summer signifies the return to routine for many. 
The end of the long break and the start of the new term. Sunny holidays are over and its back to work. But all ends don’t always signify a loss. Instead we embrace every end as it heralds a new beginning. A season for change.
The season is about reinvention, refreshing your wardrobe, rebooting your look and a return to style.
Not getting enough sleep? We've asked our wellbeing expert James to give us some tips on how to achieve an amazing night's sleep!

Sleep is the loyal friend that defends you to the end, but if your always too busy for them there’s not much they can do for you 

In today's world things are super stimulating especially in a city, life is as much nocturnal as is it early rising and the candle is burnt at both ends. Sleep repairs and rejuvenates cells, it resets hormone levels, it re-charges us cognitively, but at the very minimum we need to be sleeping six hours. Studies show that routinely sleeping below six hours leads to a 12% increased risk of early death so it should be a priority not a burden.

If sleeping a minimum of six hours (7.5 - 8 is ideal) is not possible, a nap during the day will add to the daily total. Anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes will see good result. Exercise in the morning with a good portion of cardiovascular work is one of the most effective tools for inducing quality deep sleep.

Avoiding the obvious like caffeine too late into the afternoon; intense exercise too close to bed is also incredibly stimulating, and a blue light filter is a must for the smartphone, other wise your brain thinks it’s waking up when it should be falling asleep!

James is Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist based in South London. He graduated from Bath University with an honours degree in Sport Health and Fitness Training and holds CYQ and VTCT Level 3 qualifications in Thai Massage Therapy and Personal Training. Passionate about Health and the Body he combines training and movement with therapy and nutrition to enhance health as far as possible. His website is and follow him on Instagram @jamestickner887
Our new personalisation service, Tailor Me, is a quick and easy way to get any suit made your way for less. With a wealth of fabric, lining and customisation options available, we’re sure you’ll be able to create a suit that works around you and reflects your personality.
First pick your fabric. There are 90 to choose from including luxurious pure wools and classic checks. You can pick these from the suits you see in-store – or from our fabric selection book that our Suit Experts can show you. So far we’ve seen our customers getting really creative with these, like Taj from The Rakish Gent – who’s opted for a contrasting fabric on his waistcoat from the jacket and trousers.

Ask a Suit Expert in store for the options available and don’t be afraid to break from the norms. After all, it’s your suit and we can make it your way.

Tailor Me is available in all stores now. It’s yours in 30 days for an extra £100. Find out more here.

With 165 years of tailoring expertise under our belt, we’re proud to launch our brand new personalisation service ‘Tailor Me’ available across our UK stores now.
Tailor Me allows you to pick from any suit in-store or an extensive fabric selection book as a starting point, to be tailored to your individual taste. The service is fast; it can be completed during your lunch break - with no appointment needed! 
What’s even better about this new service is be that each suit is individually made to order and ready for collection within 30 days, all for an extra £100 on the base price of the suit.