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Thursday, 03 April 2014
Guest Blog provided by Best At Travel.

Congratulations to Michael from Winchester, the lucky winner of our holiday to Antigua competition. Michael was delighted to have found he had won.

Michael told Best At Travel, that he had popped into the Moss Bros store in Winchester to buy a suit for a wedding, the staff had suggested he entered the competition, he has since returned to the store and promised to send them a postcard from Antigua.

We wish Michael a lovely vacation in Antigua.

With over 20 years experience in luxury travel, Best At Travel are the acknowledged experts in creating affordable tailor made luxury holidays.

Best At Travel

Where's your Pink?

Monday, 31 March 2014
Pink? Yes Pink. Stop being so macho; surprise your partner and add it to your wardrobe this summer. Pink is complimentary to many skin tones and is a calming colour, which is fast being adopted as a cool refreshing look.  Spring ’13 marked a big rise to the forefront of pink into men’s style. And in Spring ‘14 it has flourished with almost every shade imaginable. And no, we’re not pulling your leg for April fools. It really is on trend.

Now, our advice when wearing pink is to avoid any shades which are too fishy.  You don’t want to look like a salmon. The hue should be light and not too overpowering.  It should complement and subtly refresh your look. 

If you want to tip your toe in the water, but don’t feel brave enough to go head to toe in pink, try one item to enhance your look. Pink shirts can always refresh your look as well as any other pink accessory.

Now you’re thinking ‘I would never wear a pink suit’. But I bet you were saying you would never wear such and such a year ago and oh look, now you are. So take a peek at our Ventuno 21 Pastel Pink Suit. Such a perfect shade you’ll be able to get away with wearing it as a whole suit.

If you’re wondering when you can wear pink, well you can wear it any day you please. A nude colour such as pale pink is perfect for subtly livening up your work attire.  

Now, if after reading this you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with how much you like pink, go lift some weights. It may comfort you.

Moss Bros

29th of March, Saturday. What will you be doing? Well, lots of couples all over the UK will be celebrating. If you're still wondering why. This Saturday marks the historic change in British law which will allow same sex couples to marry in England & Wales. 

Today, we're delighted to launch our national campaign celebrating this and supporting all couples involved.

Our first wedding campaign featuring a same sex couple goes live this week in 70 Moss Bros store windows nationwide.  (It's the picture above in case you missed that).  The image chosen for the window is from Attitude's magazine “ Love & Marriage” book and shows Union J band member Jaymi Hensley and his fiancé Olly Marmon wearing looks from our Spring Collection. We're delighted to have these two on board and we know their wedding will be amazing.

We want to make a truly welcoming and inclusive environment for all our customers. So if you're tying the knot, pop in and see us. 

Make sure you follow and share your journey with us;

@MossBrosTweet - @Attitudemag

Moss Bros

#NYC or #LDN

Monday, 24 February 2014

We’re trying to discover which city is more stylish; New York or London?

Apart from stating the obvious, both cities are flourishing cultural centers, and hubs of busy life, with underground transport, parks, attractions and numerous places to eat or party. If you don’t mind brushing shoulders with your fellow city dwellers, they are fantastic places to live or visit. (We won’t mention the ridiculous cost of living in both cities because that’s not a competition, it’s a pain in the backside.)

It would seem that in many respects the New Yorker and the Londoner are very similar. Both take pride in their appearance, lap up the busy lifestyle and enjoy a drink. This being said, do the fellas dress the same?

Well, London has long been synonymous with style, fashion and a dapper look. And why wouldn’t it be, Saville Row was after all the birth place of the suit and has been styling chaps since 1731. New York has always been a stylish city, but some say it’s now fallen behind, as the popularity of London Collections: Men has elevated London’s style credentials. #NYC men’s style tends to be a more slicked back look, a clean aesthetic, not too flashy, simple but modern. The slim fit suit is very popular, fulfilling the need to be dressed for business, but still look sharp. London men’s style tends to be more experimental, with checks and tweeds layered with accentuating bold coloured accessories becoming increasingly popular.

Two brands which illustrate the differences between #LDN & #NYC men’s style are French Connection and DKNY.

Founded in 1972 in the UK, French Connection is a fashion brand born out of a desire to be original, distinctive and accessible. Our exclusive collection of French Connection suits, jackets and shirts, gives you a great opportunity to dress up for the perfect #LDN look.

DKNY was founded in 1984, the brand is the perfect expression of a sleek look but at the same time staying professional. Our exclusive collection of DKNY suits are perfect for business, standing your ground in the boardroom, or achieving success with a killer interview look.

However, we’re never quick to judge. We know both cities have men who are extremely well dressed and stylish. It doesn’t matter where you live, what determines your style is your personality. But let’s not sit on the fence! Which is the more STYLISH city?

Vote @MossBrosTweet #LDN or #NYC

Moss Bros

Black Tie Fashion

Sunday, 16 February 2014
The 16thof February is BAFTAs night, with the BRIT Awards following closely behind on the 19th of February. Both award ceremonies are celebrations of British talent and an opportunity to be proud of our nation’s creative accomplishments.

Amazing films and toe-tapping music aside, what we’re really interested in are the suits, and we are sure to be treated to a great line up, with all attendees looking their tip-top best.

The BAFTAs are all about the ultimate Dinner Suit and The BRITs are certain to push the boundaries with a sharp, eclectic take on modern tailoring. Both events will showcase some handsome fellas.

We’ve made a few predictions, so here’s what you can expect.

For the BAFTAs the traditional dinner suit will be out in force. However, recently there have been some popular metallic colours popping up,  as well as this year’s biggest trend; blue. 

The majority will be wearing dinner suits with satin peak lapels similar to ours...

Others may just focus on the dinner jacket itself, like our Moss Bros Covent garden Dinner Jacket.  

Even if the event is strictly black tie some people mix it up a bit with knitted ties. These have become extremely popular recently...



The BRITs – Here the Dinner Suit becomes more relaxed, brilliantly portrayed by these smart chaps;

However, expect to see a much more individual look. From blue suits to checked pieces, many music artists prefer a touch of colour, and a more quirky approach, but still staying loosely within the dinner suit theme. Here are two Ventuno 21 dinner suits that reflect the BRITs style;

However, the traditional dinner suit will make an appearance, thanks to JT.

If you ever are lucky enough to attend an event like this, just remember what’s on trend, keep it smart and never think the Bow-Tie isn’t cool…

Moss Bros

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