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Burns It Up.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Our very own Scottish Assistant Buyer Lynsey Doherty gives you the low down on Burns' Night and what's best to wear.

Are you out for Burns' Night? Or maybe you're wondering what it is. Well, Burns' Night is on the 25th January and is widely celebrated not only in Scotland but throughout the world as an applause of Scotland's most famous poet Robert Burns. He wrote several poems and songs which are still famous to this day, the most well known of these would be 'Auld Lang Syne'. Now you're probably wondering what do you actually get up to on the night. That's the best bit. To celebrate, you have a Burns' Supper. People come together and eat the traditional meal of haggis, neeps and tatties and also indulge in some whisky drinking.

Normally, the host of the supper will give a brief background on the life of Robert Burns and a few of his poems will be read out during the night. Often the night ends with some traditional ceilidh dancing, which after a few glasses of whisky is a lot of fun.

Of course it is tradition to wear a kilt (which you can hire from our highland collections here: or even tartan trousers AKA trews but if you can't get hold of either, try accessorising your outfit with tartan. You can also think of it as a Black Tie event. This is where we can help.

Our green tartan dress suit would be perfect for the occasion or if you prefer to be a tad more subtle, try our slim fit tartan velvet jacket with peak lapel.

You could always style a black jacket over this Moss London slim fit red tartan check shirt.

Or as it's a tad chilly, simply wrap either of these Moss London Tartan Scarfs around you.

If you're not keen on adding tartan to your outfit or really can't get hold of anything tartan. Here are some dinner suits you can try:

Enjoy the night, have a sing and dance but try not to drink too much whisky.

Moss Bros.

New Years Eve, Add Some Sleeve.

Friday, 26 December 2014
New Years Eve is fast approaching and we know you'll be looking for something to wear. Our suggestion? Add some sleeve.

Black Tie is always very popular for New Years Eve but we're going to leave that till last as we know a lot of you will just be looking for a simple shirt or jacket to add a touch of style to your outfit. Firstly, we recommend a jacket, reasons why are simple. A jacket is a comfortable yet smart option, it's easy to slip on and off & can instantly smarten up a casual look. So no matter what type of event you attend on the night, you'll be ready for anything.

Here are some of our top jackets:

For a slim fit jacket, try Moss London or DKNY.

For a tailored fit jacket, try Moss 1851.

For a regular fit jacket, try Ermenegildo Zegna.

Now what happens if you take the jacket off? You've got to have a suave shirt underneath. Printed, striped, block colour and tartan are some great options to choose. Again we have shirts in all different fits to match your jacket.

Don't fancy going out too smart? Keep it casual in these.

Alternatively, go all out in our smart shirts, designer or luxury.

You've got your shirt and jacket sorted. To top it off team with either a pair of jeans or chinos. You can also add optional extras like a pocket square for your jacket or a nice pair of brogue shoes. It's entirely up to you.

If you are attending a Black Tie event, you can read our Black Tie blog here:

Enjoy your evening and we hope your head doesn't hurt too much in 2015.

Moss Bros.

Moss Bespoke

Thursday, 11 December 2014

"Moss Bespoke - Designed by you, tailored by us."

Haven't you always wanted a suit that nobody else has? Your very own suit, unique to you. We know what you're going to say; Yes of course, but I don't have enough money or time to create one. With our Moss Bespoke service, time and money isn't an issue.

To simplify the process of how Moss Bespoke works, give the following a quick read.

A consultation and fitting with one of our suit experts takes between 30-45 minutes, you can either ring or pop in-store to make an appointment  at one of our 30 specialist bespoke stores -

At your appointment you will be guided through the simple process:

Your Cut

We will measure you and help you decide on the best fit for you, taking both style and comfort into account. Jackets come in one or two button options with either centre or side vents and a choice of notch or peak lapels. Similarly, pockets can be straight or slanted for a more slim-line finish, and trousers come either flat front or with pleats, depending on your cut - the choice is yours.

Your Cloth

You then get to select your cloth. Our broad range of cloths are separated into four collections;

- Specially selected, from £295. (+ waistcoat £90)
- Fine, from £325. (+ waistcoat £95)
- Luxury, from £395. (+ waistcoat £110)
- Deluxe, from £495. (+ waistcoat £120)

There are over 100 cloths to choose from so you'll be spoilt for choice. You can then choose a lining that matches your colour scheme or accessories which is key to subtly making the suit your own.

Your Details

Once you've chosen your cloth the fun begins: choosing all the little details that are unique to your suit. Horn or shell buttons, working button cuffs and even coloured buttonholes are personal choices that make the suit your own. A hidden monogram in your inside pocket, with the initials of your loved one or your wedding date, can provide a stylish souvenir of your special day.

You'll receive your suit within 8 weeks of you fitting and any final adjustments can be made in store prior to collection.

As we're currently in Sale this couldn't be a better time to get the Moss Bespoke experience. We are offering 100% wool 2-piece bespoke suits from our Fine cloth range from only £200.

Just to finish, as an added extra for those who are looking for an extra special service. By appointment we can arrange for a Moss Bespoke evening for you and your friends. Enjoy refreshments while a team of style advisors take you through the fitting and selection process.

We hope to see you in-store soon.

Moss Bros.

Best Dressed Men of 2014

Wednesday, 03 December 2014
What a year it's been. Gripping TV Series, awe inspiring films and historic moments of sport. It's also been a great year for a handful of fellas and how well they've dressed.

Here's a selection of our favourites:

In no particular order, we'd firstly like to take our hats off to Steve Buscemi. Good old Stevey boy and his styling team have been consistently impressive when dressing the character Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson in the HBO crime drama Boardwalk Empire. 2014 marked it's finale but Nucky Thompson's style will never fade from our minds.

via Google.
Bringing it closer to home, we have Cillian Murphy who plays Thomas 'Tommy' Shelby in BBC2's Peaky Blinders. Similar to Boardwalk Empire, Peaky Blinders is a crime drama with an impeccably well dressed cast. As our attention is normally focused towards Tommy Shelby we highlight him as the best dressed character. What is also interesting is the fact that Tommy doesn't always wear a tie but still makes himself look ever so suave. The series would have also brought the rounded collar shirt back to popularity. 

via Metro.
Now we're bringing you back to reality and looking at some of the chaps who keep it stylish on an a day to day basis.

Firstly, we pay homage to the one and only David Beckham. Becks would easily make this list every year. Well, maybe not when he was wearing sarongs. But nowadays he is the main person to look to for style tips. Be it casual or smart, Becks wears it phenomenally well.

No David, we raise our glass to you.

via Daily Mail.
Next we jump back over the pond and give Ryan Gosling a pat on the back. Ryan makes looking good effortless. His outfits are simple, not eccentric and balance smart with casual. This means Ryan is ready for any event and any photographer whilst ultimately feeling & staying comfortable. 

If you don't want to dress to the nines but still want to look smart take notes from this guy.

via The Guardian.
Now here's someone who has not only dressed well in his day to day life but played a character this year in a film which is just as good, if better dressed. Who are we going on about you ask? Leonardo DiCaprio of course. The Wolf of Wall Street may have been released at the end of December in the US but it did not grace the UK cinema screens until January 2014. Therefore, we can highlight how dapper Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) is. Belfort was a rather outrageous character in the film. But, putting his antics aside he dressed extremely well.

via The Guardian.
Keeping in the states, next on our list is the handsome Bradley Cooper. Throughout 2014 Bradley attended many awards and when on the red carpet he certainly scrubbed up well. He was also brilliantly dressed in his most recent film 'Serena'.

Here he is saying; 'Hey look, Moss Bros. including me in their best dressed list." Yes we have Brad, yes we have.

via The Guardian.
Now we're jumping back over the pond but to Spain to commend one of the coolest guys in sport; Xabi Alonso. Alonso's style is contemporary and not too flashy but he still looks ridiculously suave. Here is is rocking a cream suit whilst leaning on a vintage car. Coolness level 100%.

via Twitter.
Finally we end back in England with Eddie Redmayne. Eddie's style is perfect. He never fails to have his tie properly fastened and wears his suits incredibly well. He has a subtle eccentric style but never goes over the top and always downplays it with simple accessories which make every outfit he wears look awesome. Take note fellas, take note. Here's Eddie recently in a lovely tartan 2 piece.

via Daily Mail.

Obviously there could be many more men we could add to this list but we had to keep it short. If you want tips on how to dress, keep a close eye on what these guys are wearing.

Moss Bros.

It's Party Season

Thursday, 06 November 2014

And so we reach November, which means one thing -  the start of the Christmas season. TV ads, shop windows and dark night start the countdown and the nation gets excited for 6 weeks of shopping and parties.

Getting the right outfit for your Christmas party that is in keeping with the dress code and your personal style is important, especially if you are trying to woo that special someone. Remember that everyone looks good in a suit and black tie needn't be boring. Follow our guide below and choose the outfit that's best for you.

1. Know your shape.

Whether choosing hire or buy, our dinner suits are offered in slim, tailored or classic fits. Those with athletic and fuller figures may feel most comfortable wearing a suit jacket with side vents, this gives more movement around the middle which allows the jacket to sharpen the contours of the body. Similarly, pleated trousers give that much needed space around the thighs and seat to ensure you don't rip them during a tequilla-infused dance off.

If you have a leaner build, opt for slimmer cuts for a more streamlined look. Narrower lapels, darted jackets and flat front (no pleats) trousers will help you achieve a sharp and attentive style.

2. Hire or buy?

This is probably the most popular question our style advisors get asked and our answer is simple. If you need to wear a dinner suit (tuxedo) more than twice a year, it's worth making the investing in buying one. If you only ever need one for the annual Christmas party and the odd wedding, take the hassle out of the occasion and just hire it. If you know your sizes or have hired from us before, you can even now order online and have it delivered straight to your office. Simple.

Some understated options, such as the French Connection (tailored fit) and Ventuno 21 (slim fit) are available to hire or buy. If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, the new Moss London collection offers some more seasonal options to buy, such as velvet dinner jackets and tartan dinner suits.

3. The right accessories.

Bringing a look together harmoniously is the job of accessories. Whether to highlight a particular design feature or divert the attention from elsewhere, it's all in the detail.

Always try to keep the width of your bow tie in proportion to that of your lapels, but don't feel compelled to wear black. If you do wear black, choose something with a self pattern such as our Moss London black lace bow tie or Moss 1851 black paisley silk bow tie or with interesting textures such as leathertte or velvet. Braces are also a great addition to great eveningwear (as historically, dinner suits do not have belt loops) and can rightly or wrongly give an element of fun. Finish with a pocket square that accents your glasses, cufflinks, or mod.

4. Great shoes.

Shoes are another important element and the rules have changed in recent years. Years ago, patent shoes used to be the only acceptable option, but recently there has been a move towards softer dress shoes, such as those in suede, velvet or ostrich. Even if none of these options do it for you, choose your smartest black shoes and treat them to a date with the polish and fluffy cloth. Apple polish liberally and cover evenly, leave to stand until dry then buff in a circular motion.

Enjoy the party and don't make a fool of yourself. Even if you do, at least you'll look good.

Moss Bros.
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