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It's Party Season

Thursday, 06 November 2014

And so we reach November, which means one thing -  the start of the Christmas season. TV ads, shop windows and dark night start the countdown and the nation gets excited for 6 weeks of shopping and parties.

Getting the right outfit for your Christmas party that is in keeping with the dress code and your personal style is important, especially if you are trying to woo that special someone. Remember that everyone looks good in a suit and black tie needn't be boring. Follow our guide below and choose the outfit that's best for you.

1. Know your shape.

Whether choosing hire or buy, our dinner suits are offered in slim, tailored or classic fits. Those with athletic and fuller figures may feel most comfortable wearing a suit jacket with side vents, this gives more movement around the middle which allows the jacket to sharpen the contours of the body. Similarly, pleated trousers give that much needed space around the thighs and seat to ensure you don't rip them during a tequilla-infused dance off.

If you have a leaner build, opt for slimmer cuts for a more streamlined look. Narrower lapels, darted jackets and flat front (no pleats) trousers will help you achieve a sharp and attentive style.

2. Hire or buy?

This is probably the most popular question our style advisors get asked and our answer is simple. If you need to wear a dinner suit (tuxedo) more than twice a year, it's worth making the investing in buying one. If you only ever need one for the annual Christmas party and the odd wedding, take the hassle out of the occasion and just hire it. If you know your sizes or have hired from us before, you can even now order online and have it delivered straight to your office. Simple.

Some understated options, such as the French Connection (tailored fit) and Ventuno 21 (slim fit) are available to hire or buy. If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, the new Moss London collection offers some more seasonal options to buy, such as velvet dinner jackets and tartan dinner suits.

3. The right accessories.

Bringing a look together harmoniously is the job of accessories. Whether to highlight a particular design feature or divert the attention from elsewhere, it's all in the detail.

Always try to keep the width of your bow tie in proportion to that of your lapels, but don't feel compelled to wear black. If you do wear black, choose something with a self pattern such as our Moss London black lace bow tie or Moss 1851 black paisley silk bow tie or with interesting textures such as leathertte or velvet. Braces are also a great addition to great eveningwear (as historically, dinner suits do not have belt loops) and can rightly or wrongly give an element of fun. Finish with a pocket square that accents your glasses, cufflinks, or mod.

4. Great shoes.

Shoes are another important element and the rules have changed in recent years. Years ago, patent shoes used to be the only acceptable option, but recently there has been a move towards softer dress shoes, such as those in suede, velvet or ostrich. Even if none of these options do it for you, choose your smartest black shoes and treat them to a date with the polish and fluffy cloth. Apple polish liberally and cover evenly, leave to stand until dry then buff in a circular motion.

Enjoy the party and don't make a fool of yourself. Even if you do, at least you'll look good.

Moss Bros.

This blog piece was guest written by Maree Hamilton, lead writer for Verything, the lifestyle blog from

You still don't have your fancy dress for Halloween sorted, do you? Be honest. We'll leave the judgement and mockery up to your mates (or your significant other).

As long as you've got a suit in your wardrobe, you're ahead of the game - surprise zombie attacks notwithstanding. With the right attitude, and accessories, you can use it to impersonate a whole range of dashing, devilish gentleman. Here are three of our favourites, with Moss Bros. ensembles to match.

Patrick Bateman, American Psycho.

This pathologically handsome character is the fictional embodiment of everything that could go wrong on a Tinder date. He's a killer dresser, too. To pull off the look, pair a navy suit, striped shirt and red-patterned tie with a dead-eyed stare and a business card. Blood spatter optional.

What to wear:

Don Vito Corleone, The Godfather.

We're making you an offer you can't refuse. Be the classiest man at any Halloween 'do in a wing collar shirt, bow tie and black satin lapel jacket. Practice your New York Italian affectation in the mirror before you leave, and don't forget to tuck a red rose in your breast pocket.

What to wear:

Clark Kent, Superman.

Dressing like this iconic alter-ego is a snap; all you need is a plain white shirt, grey jacket and simple tie that can be pulled dramatically aside when it's time for the big reveal. What, don't own anything emblazoned with the Superman logo already? For shame!

What to wear:

Of course, any excuse to get a new Moss Bros. piece (or two or three) is a good one. At, we always have a reason for you to get shopping, whether it's Halloween or not.

Don't get too scared, enjoy.

Moss Bros.

Top 10 Best Dressed Characters In Film

Monday, 27 October 2014
For years movies have touched us in different ways with their witty banter and one-liners, to the characters we fall in love with or wish dead. However, it is often overlooked at how much the clothing of a character defines them. Therefore we've selected a top 10 of the best dressed characters in film. Across three weeks we will post our Top 10 list. The first week will be 10-8. The second week will be 7-4 and the 3rd week will be the top 3. Let us know who you think should feature in our list and who shouldn't!

In 10th we have Austin Powers. An unusual choice you may say. He's eccentric and the colours he wears are loud. But, he still manages to pull the look off. Must be his Mojo baby. Brightly coloured suits are actually coming back into fashion. If you browse our Moss 1851 Occasions Collections you'll see some amazing brightly coloured suits from Ketchup Red to Burnt Orange.

We can't go through the best dressed characters in film without mentioning a certain someone. In 9th it's Bond, James Bond. Well tailored suits, popular with the ladies. Most men aspire to be him and he's the definition of Suave. To get the Bond look, you should opt for only the finest tailored suits. Never eccentric, just keep it simple and elegant.

You may recognise our 8th best dressed character. He's very important. He has many leather-bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany. You guessed it. It's Ron Burgundy. Why? Well, minus the beautifully groomed hair and moustache, Ron Burgundy is always dressed to the nines. He does wear some fairly eccentric outfits but all are very well tailored and he always looks sharp. Kudos Ron.

The most recognisable best dressed characters. Their famous walk out of the cafe along the road is lodged in peoples brains for life. And so is their suits. Simple black suit with a black tie and white shirt. In 6th it's the Reservoir Dogs.

Now in 5th we have an entry that could potentially surprise you. But, the person that plays this character is also extremely dapper off the screen. It's Mr. Ryan Gosling who plays Sgt. Jerry Wooters in the film The Gangster Squad. This movie depicts Los Angeles in the 1940's when gangsters and police fought for control over the city. The best thing about the film is the suits. And Ryan sure knows how to wear a suit.

Number 4, Jude Law in The Talented Mr Ripley. Law plays Dickie Greenleaf a rich and spoiled 

millionaire playboy. But this playboy epitomises the word 'suave'. Even is his casual wear, Dickie makes himself look smart. This is one character that shouldn't be overlooked.

Now we get down to our top 3. This was a very hard decision so any of them could take each other's slot. For now we've positioned them as follows;

In 3rd, Al Pacino as The Godfather. Apart from striking fear into the hearts of anyone who crossed him he also manages to dress impeccably well. Italians are known for fine tailoring but pulling it off isn't always that easy. The Godfather makes it looks easy.

In 2nd, Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas in American Gangster. Denzel portrays a ruthless gangster in Harlem who also dresses to perfection. His suits are beautiful and his tie always perfectly knotted. There is no doubt that Frank is the smoothest dresser we've seen in a movie for a long time.

And the person who takes the top spot? Mr Steve McQueen in the Thomas Crown Affair. We're not going to bore you commenting on why we picked him as the best dressed character, this picture sums it up;

Before we finish there are many others that should make this list, here are a few honourable mentions;

- Robert De Niro, Casino.
- Samuel L Jackson & John Travolta, Pulp Fiction.
- John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever.
- George Clooney & cast, Ocean's 11,12,13.
- Jamie Foxx, Django.
- Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf Of Wall Street & The Great Gatsby.

If you know of any other characters that you believe should be in this list or shouldn't, let us know on Twitter @MossBros or find us on Facebook.

Moss Bros

The Peaky Blinders Look

Thursday, 02 October 2014

Peaky Blinders is back. Haven't seen it? You need to. Don't worry though, there are no spoilers here. What we're commenting on is the Peaky Blinders look.

Before we continue, we'd just like to shed light on the fact that Tom Hardy is in the new series. Yes Tom Hardy. B****y Tom Hardy. The bloke that plays Bane in Batman. Now we've got that off our chests we can continue.

The Peaky Blinders look is what we want to focus on. They may have been ruthless gangsters but they sure knew how to dress. A 3 piece suit was the norm, with a country tweed feel to it and long black overcoat. Completed with a flat cap, black boots and the occasional pocket watch, this look did indeed become iconic. They also all shared similar haircuts with shaved hair at the sides and slicked back hair on top, the whole look was extremely dapper. You can't really fault their style. (We won't pay much attention to the fact they use to put razors inside their flat caps. Pretty brutal. Not a style accessory we recommend. Oh, and the guns.)

Now you might think we're just commenting on the style portrayed within the series. We are. But if you look at the historical photography of the gang available (below), the producers and stylists have got it pretty spot on.

To give you a better feel of the look. Here's John Shelby (Joe Cole), Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson).

Below's another shot of Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy). The lead character of the series. If you notice the shirt it has a rounded collar which back in the 1920's was affixed on to the actual shirt with a clip in button. These style shirts are still available today without having to attach the collar. (See our selected shirts below.)

If you're interest in the Peaky Blinders look, and we're sure you are - here are a few pieces that fit it perfectly:

We hope you enjoy the second series and tweet us what you think of the program and the Peaky Blinder's style @MossBros.

Moss Bros

Moss Bros. Magazine

Friday, 26 September 2014

You’re a man of taste and refinement. You know that looking good matters. And that’s why this brand new mag from Moss Bros. is for you. One of the most iconic names on the high street, we’ve been in this game for over 160 years. Kitting out discerning gents in the finest suits since 1851. We know our stuff. And we want you to look great. At work. At play. All the time. From top to toe. We’ve put together 16 pages packed with the freshest threads for Autumn/Winter 2014, plus expert advice on how the smartest heads will be styled this season, and even done your Xmas list. Enjoy the mag, tell us what you think of it by tweeting #mossbrosmag. And remember, whatever you do in life, do it with style.

Available in-store now.

Here's a sneak peek from James Rich's piece: (AKA

And here are tips on how to fold a pocket square and even how to taste wine. Now you won't look like a right plonker when it comes to date night. 

You'll have to pop in-store and pick one up to see more. Enjoy.

Moss Bros
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