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The Peaky Blinders Look

Thursday, 02 October 2014

Peaky Blinders is back. Haven't seen it? You need to. Don't worry though, there are no spoilers here. What we're commenting on is the Peaky Blinders look.

Before we continue, we'd just like to shed light on the fact that Tom Hardy is in the new series. Yes Tom Hardy. B****y Tom Hardy. The bloke that plays Bane in Batman. Now we've got that off our chests we can continue.

The Peaky Blinders look is what we want to focus on. They may have been ruthless gangsters but they sure knew how to dress. A 3 piece suit was the norm, with a country tweed feel to it and long black overcoat. Completed with a flat cap, black boots and the occasional pocket watch, this look did indeed become iconic. They also all shared similar haircuts with shaved hair at the sides and slicked back hair on top, the whole look was extremely dapper. You can't really fault their style. (We won't pay much attention to the fact they use to put razors inside their flat caps. Pretty brutal. Not a style accessory we recommend. Oh, and the guns.)

Now you might think we're just commenting on the style portrayed within the series. We are. But if you look at the historical photography of the gang available (below), the producers and stylists have got it pretty spot on.

To give you a better feel of the look. Here's John Shelby (Joe Cole), Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson).

Below's another shot of Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy). The lead character of the series. If you notice the shirt it has a rounded collar which back in the 1920's was affixed on to the actual shirt with a clip in button. These style shirts are still available today without having to attach the collar. (See our selected shirts below.)

If you're interest in the Peaky Blinders look, and we're sure you are - here are a few pieces that fit it perfectly:

We hope you enjoy the second series and tweet us what you think of the program and the Peaky Blinder's style @MossBros.

Moss Bros

Moss Bros. Magazine

Friday, 26 September 2014

You’re a man of taste and refinement. You know that looking good matters. And that’s why this brand new mag from Moss Bros. is for you. One of the most iconic names on the high street, we’ve been in this game for over 160 years. Kitting out discerning gents in the finest suits since 1851. We know our stuff. And we want you to look great. At work. At play. All the time. From top to toe. We’ve put together 16 pages packed with the freshest threads for Autumn/Winter 2014, plus expert advice on how the smartest heads will be styled this season, and even done your Xmas list. Enjoy the mag, tell us what you think of it by tweeting #mossbrosmag. And remember, whatever you do in life, do it with style.

Available in-store now.

Here's a sneak peek from James Rich's piece: (AKA

And here are tips on how to fold a pocket square and even how to taste wine. Now you won't look like a right plonker when it comes to date night. 

You'll have to pop in-store and pick one up to see more. Enjoy.

Moss Bros

The Refinery - Top Grooming Tips

Thursday, 04 September 2014

We have teamed up with The Refinery for our most recent Moss 1851 campaign to bring you the top tips on grooming. The Refinery is London's one-stop grooming emporium for men. Established in January 2000 they offer barbering, skincare and spa treatments in exclusive luxury retreats in Mayfair, Harrods and Knightsbridge.

Here are their top tips for beards and skincare.

Top Tips for Beards

The style of beard for 2014 is all about the natural look. An overly maintained beard can look a little too considered. However, this does not mean that the beard looks after itself. Chris Foster, Artistic Director of The Refinery Grooming Emporiums, gives these five recommendations for a healthy, well-groomed beard:

1. Cleanse - this should be done twice a day using a water soluble foaming face wash. This not only cleanses the beard but allows the beard to absorb it through to the skin therefore promoting good skin health.

2. Condition - beard hair should be treated the same as the hair on the head. Following a good cleanse the hair should be conditioned. For a heavy beard use aromatherapy conditioner. For a lighter beard, any good hair conditioner can be applied, left on for 2/3 minutes and then rinsed off.

3. Exfoliate/Hydrate - once or twice a week, the skin behind the beard should be exfoliated then hydrated. Use a face scrub and mask. The scrub will ensure that all dead skin etc. is washed away and not left in the beard. The mask will hydrate and refresh. There's nothing worse than beard dandruff.

4. Grooming - the beard should be groomed on a daily basis. Kent brushes have various moustache and beard brushes. Whether you want to carry them in your pocket or leave them on your bathroom shelf, this is one accessory that is vital in the maintenance of a good healthy beard.

5. Cutting - If you want you beard to look its best, a visit to the barber is a necessity and you should visit twice a month for the best results. In between, clippers can be used at home to tidy up any straggly areas.

As you can see, growing a beard is not meant to be a lazy option. The beard and skin beneath have to be kept in tip-top condition. Otherwise it will look dirty and unkempt. However, a well-groomed beard can be very attractive - think George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Hugh Jackman. Although, Ben clearly needs some help with his bow tie!

Top Tips for Skincare

The Refinery also offer up five to tips on the importance and best way to look after your skin;

1. The basis of a good regime for daily skincare is efficient cleansing. It's always best to discuss your skin type with an expert before buying a cleansing product. Gels tend to be more efficient when used on oily skin and creams are better for skin prone to dryness. Many men like to feel that they've had their face washed, so using a cleanser that can be washed off is the best option.

2. Most skin types need extra help with deep down cleansing. Blocked pores can lead to spots and blackheads. For a more oily skin, try exfoliating with the face scrubs twice a week. For a more dry or sensitive skin, once a week is adequate.

3. Most men don't understand the importance of moisturising. It's essential to moisturise daily. There is a misconception that if you have oily skin, moisturiser is not for you. However, the correct use of moisturiser will keep the skin looking fresh and non-oily. A more advanced moisturiser should be used for dry skin both morning and evening to repair damage and keep wrinkles at bay.

4. It's also important to get a regular facial, ideally every 4-6 weeks. This will maintain the skin in a tip-top condition and a skin expert will be able to deal with any problems such as dull, dehydrated skin, blocked pores, blackheads and skin which is prone to breakouts.

5. One of the most important skin care rules is to hydrate. For example; drink plenty of water, watch your alcohol intake and be mindful of your diet. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg as part of your daily intake will help the quality of your skin and keep it in a good condition.

Now you've heard the advice, it's time to act. Look after yourself.

Moss Bros

Stay Ahead Of The Trends

Thursday, 21 August 2014
Six dominant trends have emerged from SS15 on the catwalk. Luckily we have already introduced some of these key pieces for autumn/winter 14. If you're not that fashion conscious but are curious what's trending take a look at the following.

Firstly we have Relaxed Tailoring. This doesn't mean a designer has got bored half way through making a garment or just chucked something together whilst puffin' on a fag with a bottle of wine. These designs have been specifically engineered for you to feel ultra comfortable and still stay smart.

The new AW14 DKNY Formal Jackets do this with precision. Notice the way the cut at the bottom of the jacket is relaxed and makes it easy for you to slip on and off without getting uncomfortable.

Next we have Luxe Simplicity. This is simple; luxury clothing. Fabrics of the highest and most exquisite quality. New pieces in Zegna Cloth and Lanifico Cerruti Dal 1881. reflect the highest quality tailoring. For a similar look, and very affordable prices check out our new Moss 1851 range.

Red has grown popular recently and we love it. Our approach to Red is Ketchup (Ketchup sounds way cooler than Tomato). This colour is only available in our Moss Bespoke collection at the moment but that does mean it can be tailored to fit you perfectly. We recently dressed the England RFL star Richie Myler in it and we know he had many compliments!

Stripes was again another dominant trend. Stripes allow you to bring an outfit alive. Shirts are always the safest and best way to do it.

Sportswear is becoming more fashionable and it's influence spans further than just track and field. Although we aren't quite ready for a mesh dinner suit, expect to see a lot more trusty polo shirts in the coming seasons. They can be smartened with a formal jacket or kept casual on their own.

Finally we have Denim, the one fabric that refuses to go out of fashion. Denim remains a staple of a man's wardrobe, be it washed or raw. If you haven't got any denim - get some. We have added denim in to our Moss London collection.

Now you've got a head start on Autumn/Winter 14 and Spring/Summer 15. Take full advantage of it. 

Moss Bros

Moss London - I Am London

Monday, 14 July 2014

You may have seen it, you may not, but it’s here and it’s new. The Moss London collection is a mix of suiting and smart casualwear to give you a fresh, wearable look.

The inspiration for the new collection comes from the hub of creativity that is London. If you're young, with a sense of individuality and self-expression, aren't really into suits but want to smarten up your look, this range is perfect for you. This versatile fashion forward collection of slim fit suit styles has mixology at its heart, so if you're not sure "suited and booted" is for you, try mixing our jackets with jeans to get a tailored feel without the stiffness of a suit.  

The highlights are a navy velvet dinner jacket with black paisley print, specked charcoal jacket with leatherette trim and navy reefer jacket with black panel inlay detail.

And as for the design detail, panelling is used throughout the collection; see our two tone blue and grey shirts. Texture is important and plaids are dominant in autumnal shades of rust and burgundy, featuring across both shirts and accessories.

We’ve also teamed up with the well-inked model of the moment Billy Huxley, whose modern and unique look perfectly show cases our collection.  

So, go have some fun putting your own unique look together.

So what do you think? Let us know your thoughts on twitter and follow the #MossLondon journey. Keep a look out for the second part of the #MossLondon campaign; We Are London.

Moss Bros
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