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Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you read and understand these Conditions before you agree to be bound by them (in particular Clause 8)

1. Definitions and Interpretation

  • 1.1 In these Conditions:
    Contract - means any contract for the sale of goods and/or the supply of services between us and you into which these Conditions are incorporated;
    Conditions - means the standard terms and conditions of sale set out below, including the Returns Policy and any special terms and conditions confirmed in writing by us;
    Goods - means the goods and/or services which we shall supply in accordance with these Conditions, under an order which is accepted;
    Returns Policy – means the standard terms and conditions found here applicable when Goods are returned to us by you and which are hereby incorporated to these Conditions.
  • 1.2 "Working Days" means Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and excludes bank, public and statutory holidays
    we - means Moss Bros Group PLC, and “us” and “our” shall be construed accordingly;
    you - means the person placing an order for the Goods and entering into the Contract with us and “your” shall be construed accordingly;
  • 1.3 The headings in these Conditions are for convenience only and shall not affect their interpretation.
  • 1.4 Unless expressly stated otherwise, where rights and decisions are to be exercised or made at our discretion, then we shall be under no duty or obligation to you to justify or provide a reason for the decision.
  • 1.5 Where our prior written consent is required in these Conditions, we shall not unreasonably withhold or delay in giving that consent.
  • 1.6 All rights expressly reserved by or granted to us by these Conditions shall be without prejudice to any other rights which we may have from time to time.
  • 1.7 We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions should the need arise.

2. Basis of Sale

  • 2.1 These Conditions (as updated by us from time to time) shall set out the entire agreement. No variation of these Conditions shall be binding unless agreed in writing by us and attached hereto. You will be subject to the policies and terms in place at the time you order the Goods from us, unless such change is required by law or government or regulatory authority (in which case it will apply to any orders you have previously placed). These Conditions apply to all purchases you make from us at any time, regardless of how the order is made.
  • 2.2 Our employees and agents are not authorised to make any representation concerning the Goods unless confirmed by us to you in writing. In entering into a Contract you acknowledge that you have not relied on any such representations which are not so confirmed.
  • 2.3 Where Goods are to be delivered by instalments, each instalment shall constitute a separate Contract. Failure by us to deliver any instalment shall not entitle you to cancel any other instalment.
  • 2.4 All specifications, drawings and particulars of weights, dimensions and performance issued by us are approximate only.
  • 2.5 We reserve the right to withdraw any offer or special promotions without notice. In the event that you have already placed an order under the Conditions that we have accepted we will provide you with a full refund for any money received.

3. Orders and Specifications

  • 3.1 Your order represents an offer to purchase the Goods which is accepted by us when we issue you with written acceptance of the order. Our acceptance of your order is conditional upon the Goods being intended for personal use and not for resale. By placing an order you warrant that you are at least 16 years old. All orders are subject to availability and on a first-come first-served basis as unfortunately we are unable to reserve Goods. We reserve the right to refuse to accept an order.
  • 3.2 If we reasonably believe you are intending to resell the Goods (whether on e-Bay or otherwise) we reserve the right to refuse your order. In the event we do accept your order we will be entitled to treat you as a commercial customer and:-
    • 3.2.1 the rights afforded in clause 10 (Your Right to Cancel) will not apply;
    • 3.2.2 the terms of our Returns Policy’ will be withdrawn;
    • 3.2.3 we will only accept returned Goods within seven days of dispatch if they were defective at the time of receipt;
    • 3.2.4 we will charge a reasonable handling fee, which shall exclude packaging and/or delivery costs for which you shall be liable and which will be confirmed prior to your order being accepted; and
    • 3.2.5 make such other amendments to these Conditions as we deem necessary and only accept an order upon acceptance of the same.
  • 3.3 You shall be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the details of any order submitted by you, and for giving us any necessary information relating to the Goods within a sufficient time to enable us to perform the Contract in accordance with these Conditions. We shall not be liable for all costs and expenses incurred by you due to inaccurate information submitted by you or, if the goods are ordered by mobile telephone, as a result of network failure.
  • 3.4 If the Goods are to be manufactured or any process is to be applied to the Goods by us in accordance with a specification submitted by you, (1) the terms of Clause 10 (Your Right to Cancel) shall not apply; (2) you shall indemnify us against all loss, damages, costs and expenses awarded against or incurred by us in connection with or paid or agreed to be paid by us in settlement of any claim for infringement of any patent, copyright, design right, trade mark or other intellectual property rights of any other person which results from our use of your specification; (3) We reserve the right to make changes in the specification of the Goods which are required to conform with any applicable statutory or EU requirements.

4. Price of the Goods

  • 4.1 The price of the Goods shall be the price confirmed by us at the time the order is placed.
  • 4.2 While we try to ensure that all prices on our website are accurate, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of goods you have ordered (whether this by our error or an error by any third party), we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of re-confirming the order at the correct price or cancelling it. If we are unable to contact you, we will treat the order as cancelled. If you have already paid for the goods and the order is subsequently cancelled, you will receive a full refund.
  • 4.3 In the event that we are unable to supply the Goods at the price or specification stated in the order, we will where possible notify you of any changes and where the Goods ordered are not available we may offer you substitute goods whereby you will be asked to re-confirm your order at the new price and/or specification. You are not obliged to accept any substitute Goods and will be entitled to receive a full refund if you confirm that the substitute Goods are not acceptable.
  • 4.4 The price is inclusive of any applicable value added tax or other sales tax (at the rate form time to time in force). Any packaging or delivery costs for which you shall be liable will be confirmed prior to your order being placed.

5. Terms of Payment

  • 5.1 Please see our Payment Options for our terms of payment.
  • 5.2 If you fail to make any payment on the due date then we reserve the right to: (a) cancel the Contract or suspend further deliveries to you; (b) charge you a reasonable amount of interest on the amount unpaid, at the rate of 3% above Barclays Bank Plc base rate from time to time from the date the amount was due until payment is made in full, accruing pro rata on a daily basis.
  • 5.3 In the event that a cheque or credit card payment is dishonoured by your bank or credit card provider, they (being your bank, credit card provider or our debt collection company “Transax” or “Certegy Ltd”) may charge a fee. Where we incur any fee or liability as a result of a dishonoured payment, you will be liable to reimburse us in full for the amount we have incurred.
  • 5.4 All credit and charge card holders are subject to validation checks and authorisation by the card issuer. If the issuer of your payment card refuses to authorise payment to us, we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery. In addition, in the interests of preventing fraudulent use of credit, debit and charge cards, Moss Bros Group PLC will validate the names, addresses and other information supplied during the order process against commercially available records (e.g Electoral Roll data, credit reference services). We reserve the right to instruct a third party to complete these checks. By ordering from our website you consent to such checks being made. We may need to contact you by letter, telephone or email to verify details before we are able to process and dispatch your order or we may be unable to accept your order and we shall not be liable for any delay or non-delivery this may cause. Any information given may be disclosed to a registered Credit Reference Agency which may keep a record of the information. All information provided will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

6. Delivery

  • 6.1 You shall make all arrangements to take delivery of the Goods whenever they are tendered for delivery.
  • 6.2 We aim to provide you with an approximate date on which the Goods will be ready for collection or delivery. Where we become aware that the date of delivery may be delayed, we shall notify you as soon as possible and aim to provide you with a revised date. We shall not be liable for any loss you incur, whether financial or otherwise, resulting directly or indirectly from our delay or failure to meet the estimated date. Time for delivery shall not be of the essence of the Contract unless previously agreed in writing by us. We may deliver the Goods in advance of the quoted delivery date upon giving you reasonable notice.
  • 6.3 If we fail to deliver the Goods (or any instalment) for any reason other than any cause beyond our reasonable control or your fault, and we are accordingly liable to you, our liability shall be limited to the excess (if any) of the cost to you (in the cheapest available market) of similar goods to replace those not delivered over the price of the Goods.
  • 6.4 If you ask our delivery provider to leave the goods in a safe place or at checkout request special instructions then you are deemed to accept total liability for the goods if we comply with your instructions.
  • 6.5 In the event we fail to deliver the Goods to the cardholder’s registered address or any such alternative address within 90 days’ or following 3 attempts by us (whichever is earlier) due to reason(s) reasonably considered to be your fault than we may in our discretion refund the sum paid to us by you and cancel the Contract.
  • 6.6 If you fail to take delivery of the Goods or fail to give us adequate delivery instructions at the time stated for delivery then we reserve the right to store the Goods until actual delivery and charge you for the reasonable costs (including insurance) of storage or subsequent delivery charges which we may incur.
  • 6.7 Please see our Delivery and Returns policy at for postage charges.
  • 6.8 You will be liable for all customs requirements and duties arising for delivery of Goods outside the UK. We accept no responsibility for these requirements and duties. Any such charges must be borne by you and you are responsible for complying with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are importing the Goods. We shall not be liable for delayed delivery times due to packages being inspected by customs. You agree that if we incur any liability due to your failure to comply with custom requirements and duties by you that you shall reimburse us for against all loss, damages, costs and expenses awarded against or incurred by us in connection with such claim.

7. Risk and Property

  • 7.1 Risk of damage to or loss of the Goods shall pass to you in the case of Goods to be delivered otherwise than at our premises, at the time of delivery or, if you fail to take delivery of the Goods, the time when you have collected the Goods.
  • 7.2 Notwithstanding delivery and the passing of risk for the Goods to you, the transfer of the ownership of the Goods shall not pass to you until we have received in cleared funds payment in full of the price of the Goods.
  • 7.3 Until such time as the as the property in the Goods passes to you and where you fail to pay for the Goods in accordance with these Conditions, we shall be entitled, at any time, to require you to deliver up the Goods to us and, if you fail to do so seek a court order to permit us to enter upon any premises where the Goods are stored and repossess the Goods.

8. Warranties and Liability

  • 8.1 Subject as expressly provided in these Conditions, and except where the Goods are sold to a person dealing as a consumer (within the meaning of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977), all warranties, conditions or other terms implied by statute or common law are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law. Where the Goods are sold to a person dealing as a consumer
  • 8.2 Where the Goods are sold under a consumer transaction (as defined by the Consumer Transactions (Restrictions on Statements) Order 1976, as amended) your legal rights are not affected by these Conditions. Further information on your legal rights can be obtained from Trading Standards or Citizens Advice Bureaux.
  • 8.3 The warranty contained in Clause 8.1 does not apply to any defect in the Goods arising from fair wear and tear, wilful damage, accident, negligence by you or any third party, if you use the Goods in a way that we do not recommend, your failure to follow our instructions, or any alteration or repair you carry out without our prior written approval.
  • 8.4 In the unlikely event that the Goods do not conform to these Conditions, please let us know as soon as possible after delivery. We will collect the Goods on a date agreed between us or ask you to return the Goods to us at our cost and once we have checked that the Goods are faulty, we will either:
    • (a) provide you with a full or partial refund;
    • (b) replace the Goods; or
    • (c) repair the Goods.
  • 8.5 Subject to clause 8.6 and clause 8.7, if either of us fails to comply with these Conditions, neither of us shall be responsible for any losses that the other suffers as a result, except for those losses which are a foreseeable consequence of the failure to comply with these Conditions.
  • 8.6 Subject to clause 8.7, neither of us shall be responsible for losses that result from our failure to comply with these Conditions which fall into the categories of loss of income or revenue, loss of profit, loss of business, loss of anticipated savings, loss of data, any waste of time. However, this clause 8.6 shall not prevent claims for foreseeable loss of, or damage to, your physical property.
  • 8.7 Nothing in these Conditions excludes or limits in any way our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, any breach of the obligations implied by section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or section 2 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, defective products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 or any other matter for which it would be illegal or unlawful for us to exclude or attempt to exclude our liability.

9. General

  • 9.1 Neither party shall be liable to the other or deemed to be in breach of Contract by reason of delay or failure to perform any of that party’s obligations if the delay or failure is due to an act or cause beyond that party’s reasonable control.
  • 9.2 These Conditions do not purport to confer a benefit on any third party.
  • 9.3 Any notice required or permitted to be given by either party to the other under these Conditions shall be in writing or by email addressed to the other party and delivered to the address or email address provided at the time the order is confirmed or any subsequent or alternative address which one party may notify to the other from time to time.
  • 9.4 Where we do not take action against you for any breach of the Contract, we shall not be prevented from taking action against you in respect of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision.
  • 9.5 Where any competent authority deems any Condition to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, then the offending part shall be removed and the validity of the remainder of the Conditions shall not be affected.
  • 9.6 The Contract and these Conditions shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales, and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  • 9.7 We reserve the right to monitor and record telephone calls our staff receive and make, in order to monitor staff performance and ensure the highest service possible is provided to our customers.
  • 9.8 The copyright in all photographs, images and descriptions contained in our catalogue and on our website are owned by Moss Bros Group PLC, and may not be reproduced without the express consent of Moss Bros Group PLC.
  • 9.9 All dealings between us in connection with these Conditions and each Contract shall be carried on in the English language.
  • 9.10 You may not transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Terms to another person without our prior written consent, which we will not withhold unreasonably. We can transfer all or any of our rights and obligations under these Terms to another organisation, but this will not affect your rights under these Terms.

10. Your Right to Cancel

  • 10.1 If, for any reason you are unhappy with the Goods, you have the right to cancel your order at any time within 14 calendar days from the day on which the Goods were received. Click here to cancel.
  • 10.2 If you wish to cancel before the Goods are dispatched, please contact us as soon as reasonably possible. You may contact us by email or phone or use our online form located here.
  • 10.3 If you wish to cancel after the Goods are dispatched, please return the Goods to us indicating whether you require an exchange or refund as soon as possible. We suggest if you require an exchange, that you place a separate order so as not to be disappointed if stock is no longer available after we’ve received your return. You have a legal obligation to take reasonable care of the Goods whilst they are in your possession. If you fail to comply with this obligation we have a right of action against you for compensation. Please refer to our Returns policy.
  • 10.4 Please note that the right of cancellation does not apply where Goods are specifically made to your specification or personalised at your request.

11. Promotional Codes

  • 11.1 We may make available to you promotional codes from time to time. Any use by you of a promotional code in respect of an order shall only be permitted where used by the person for whom it is intended and for a single use.
  • 11.2 Promotional codes are not valid in conjunction with any other offer.
  • 11.3 There is no cash alternative available in respect of the promotional code.
  • 11.4 We may withdraw the promotional codes at any time without notice.
  • 11.5 Promotional codes are only available on UK mainland orders unless otherwise stated.
  • 11.6 Promotional codes cannot be used against postage and packaging costs.
  • 11.7 Promotion codes cannot be used after the expiration date.
  • 11.8 Promotional codes will only be accepted if submitted at the point of order. We will not subsequently apply a promotional code if the order is submitted without the promotional codes application. Please check your order thoroughly before placing to avoid disappointment.
  • 11.9 The promotional code will be applied proportionally to the Goods. Any returns or refunds on Goods purchased with the benefit of the promotional code will be on the proportional price as indicated in the sales invoice.

12. Competitions

  • 12.1 We may in our sole discretion offer competitions to you at such times and in such manners as we deem appropriate.
  • 12.2 All prizes offered are non-transferable and cannot be substituted for a cash alternative.
  • 12.3 There will be one entry per person, per residential address only unless otherwise stated. We may in our discretion deem duplicate entries void.
  • 12.4 There will be only one winner per competition, drawn at random after the closing date unless otherwise stated.
  • 12.5 Our decision as to the winner of the competition is final and no correspondence shall be entered into.
  • 12.6 Winners will be notified by email.
  • 12.7 Prizes will be delivered to your nominated address at our expense. You shall inform us of all information necessary to ensure that the prize is delivered as soon as reasonably practicably.
  • 12.8 Competitions are open to UK residents only.
  • 12.9 Employees, families and friends of Moss Bros Group PLC are not allowed entry.
  • 12.10 Please read the terms and conditions of any competition carefully before taking part in the same.

13. Introduce a Friend

  • 13.1 We in our sole discretion operate a offer whereby you earn an incentive if you introduce a friend who proceeds to completing a purchase of Good(s) from us.
  • 13.2 We reserve the right to substitute or amend the offer at any time. Any unused codes must be used by the expiry date.
  • 13.3 We reserve the right to cease the Introduce a Friend promotion at anytime, should we choose to do this then we will honour all outstanding referred friend vouchers up to and including the date of termination.
  • 13.4 You are responsible for ensuring you obtain your friends’ permission prior to you referring them as a friend. We will not accept any responsibility for an individual complaint in this regard following you submitting your friends’ details to us.
  • 13.5 The promotional code will be applied proportionally to the Goods. Any returns or refunds on Goods purchased with the benefit of the promotional code will be on the proportional price as indicated in the sales invoice.
  • 13.6 You will not receive any benefit of the scheme if your friend is already a customer of us.
  • 13.7 This offer is only available to UK mainland customers.

14. Moss Bespoke Experience Vouchers

  • 14.1 For £295 you purchase a Moss Bespoke Experience Voucher that will entitle you to a two piece suit (jacket and trousers) made in any Fine cloth of your choice with the 'Signature' pack. The Signature pack includes: a wide choice of linings, Collar Melton in a variety of colours, a contemporary or slim garment fit, sloping or straight pockets and personalised embroidery. In store, for an additional cost you will have the option to add an extra pair of trousers and/or a waistcoat to your order and also the option to trade up to a 'Tailored' pack by paying an extra £50. The Tailored pack offers all the customisation options of the Signature pack, and additionally a traditional half-canvas construction and functioning cuff buttons.
  • 14.2 For £395 you purchase a Moss Bespoke Experience Voucher that will entitle you to a two piece suit (jacket and trousers) made in a Luxury cloth* with the 'Signature' pack. The Signature pack includes: a wide choice of linings, Collar Melton in a variety of colours, a contemporary or slim garment fit, sloping or straight pockets and personalised embroidery. In store, for an additional cost you will have the option to add an extra pair of trousers and/or a waistcoat to your order and also the option to trade up to a 'Tailored' pack by paying an extra £50. The Tailored pack offers all the customisation options of the Signature pack, and additionally a traditional half-canvas construction and functioning cuff buttons.
  • 14.3 Delivery time for suits is estimated 8-10 weeks from placing your order in store. This voucher is not to be used in conjunction with any other offers in store or online.
  • 14.4 Moss Bespoke Experience vouchers are non refundable and must be used by the date shown
  • *Offer includes all Alfred Brown cloths but excludes all Filarte cloth

15. Multibuys

  • 15.1 Multibuy promotions may be offered by us in our sole discretion. This offer entitles you to buy one get one free, or get the lowest priced item stated in the promotion free or the reduced price when you buy at least the minimum number of qualifying items in a single transaction. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw the promotion at any point without notice.
  • 15.2 Multibuy promotions will not be available on permanently reduced items, sale items or brand concession items.
  • 15.3 We reserve the right to withdraw or amend the promotion at any time.
  • 15.4 No cash alternative will be given.
  • 15.5 If you require an exchange or refund of the Goods then all qualifying items must be returned. The free or discounted item cannot be refunded for money or credit.
  • 15.6 If your original order was part of a Multibuy or contained a promotional discount code then we will take this into account so the refund price of individual items may differ from the original selling price.

16. Suit Promotion Packages

  • 16.1 Suit package promotions are offered where the order may contain a free shirt or tie or other garment. These will normally be required to be added to the basket before checkout to take advantage of these offers. We cannot add these garments after an order is made and if the order does not contain such free promotional items then they cannot be added later.
  • 16.2 If only part of a suit package is returned then the promotion package will be deemed to not apply and the appropriate proportion of the full retail price of the order will be refunded and the retained items will be treated as being sold at full price before calculation of any refund due.
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    Gascoigne Road,
    IG11 7HP
    United Kingdom

    Tel: 0333 3206677
    Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm (UK Time)

    Contact us

17. Gift Cards

Gift Cards will have the same usage rules as currently in place for gift vouchers i.e. they are non refundable, items purchased via gift card can only be refunded back onto a gift card, they have an expiry date and if lost they cannot be replaced.

The Terms and Conditions can be found on the reverse of the gift card. The terms are:

  • 17.1 Gift Cards can be used as full or partial payment in any of our stores or our website.
  • 17.2 Gift Cards cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash and no change will be given. Note: no change means that money will not be returned to the customer. If (s)he only partially redeems a gift card, the remainder of the balance will stay on the gift card.
  • 17.3 Anything purchased or exchanged using a gift card can only be refunded to a gift card.
  • 17.4 Gift Card balance can be checked instore or on our website.
  • 17.5 Lost/Stolen cards are the cardholders responsibility and cannot be replaced by us.
  • 17.6 Gift cards are valid for a 24 month period commencing from the day they are purchased. The 24 month period is reset when any money is added to/redeemed from the card, or if a balance enquiry is performed.
  • 17.7 Cards with zero balance will expire after 30 days. (You will not be able to top up credit on a card after it has expired).
  • 17.8 The gift card is not a credit, charge or cheque guarantee card.
  • 17.9 Items returned to our return warehouse will be refunded to a new gift card, which will be posted to you. Any refund over and above the original gift card value, will be refunded to the payment card used.
  • 17.10 Gift Cards are issued by and remain the property of Moss Bros.
  • 17.11 We reserve the right to amend the Gift Card

18. Student Discount Terms

  • 18.1 Not to be used on:
    • Multi Buys
    • Pack Offers
    • Gift cards
    • Alterations
    • Bespoke experience vouchers
    • Special student/prom hire packages
    • Hire Packages
  • 18.2 Cannot be used in conjunction with any other code
  • 18.3 15% off everything applies in-store too, excluding promotions, excluding gift cards and alterations
  • 18.4 Voucher code can only be used once

19. Moss Premier Terms & Conditions

  • 19.1 In addition to standard Moss Bros Terms & Conditions, the following Terms and Conditions apply to Moss Premier membership.
  • 19.2 Moss Premier costs £19.99 for a one year membership. The membership cost may be reduced in a promotional manner at our discretion. Any such reductions cannot be applied retrospectively. Voucher codes cannot be used for Moss Premier.
  • 19.3 If you’ve changed your mind, you can cancel your membership within 14 Calendar days of joining, provided you’ve not made any eligible purchases using the Premier membership. Simply email or use our online cancellation form found here, and provided you have not made any eligible purchases using the Premier service, a full refund of your membership fee will be provided and the Moss Premier service will be removed from your account.
  • 19.4 Moss Premier membership will automatically renew each year. We will contact you by email approximately one month ahead of your membership renewal date to confirm the renewal cost and that you wish to continue with membership. You may contact Moss Customer Services within this period to cancel the automatic renewal of your membership.
  • 19.5 If your Premier membership has renewed automatically, you still have 14 calendar days after payment is taken and your membership renews to cancel your annual membership. Simply email or use our online cancellation form found here, and provided you have not made any eligible purchases using the Premier service, a full refund of your membership fee will be provided for the renewed yearly membership and the Moss Premier service will be removed from your account.
  • 19.7 Moss Premier Unlimited Next Day Delivery and Premium Click & Collect is only available to UK Mainland addresses*. Orders must be placed by 5pm Monday – Thursday and by 1pm Friday – Sunday for next working day delivery. Saturday and Sunday deliveries are not included in the Moss Premier service.
    *Excludes some postcodes: UK Next Working Day Delivery is not available to the following postcodes and destinations: AB31-AB38, AB41-AB56, FK17-FK21, HS1-HS9, IV1-IV99, KA27-KA28, KW1-K17, PA20-PA80, PH15-PH50, ZE1-ZE3, BT, IM, JE, GY, IRELAND
  • 19.8 Returns are free using our Hermes Parcel Return service, or by returning your products to a store (except where items have been purchased from our Amazon or eBay stores; using Login and Pay with Amazon; or with PayPal – if any of these payment methods are used, products must be returned via Hermes Parcel Return or posted to our Warehouse address).
  • 19.9 It is your responsibility as the customer to conform with ALL the terms and conditions related to Moss Premier membership. Any breach could result in termination of your membership, for which no refund will be given.
  • 19.10 Moss Bros. reserve the right to accept or refuse membership and to alter any terms and conditions at our discretion. You will be kept informed of significant changes to any terms and conditions.
  • 19.11 Moss Premier is for personal use only and is not available for customers who purchase goods for business, re-sale or wholesale purposes.
  • 19.12 Moss Premier membership is applied to your account using the email address you used to register with us. If your email changes you will need to advise us by emailing so that we can ensure your Moss Premier membership can be updated to your new email address. If you don’t inform us of an email change, your membership perks will not apply to any orders made under a different email address.

20. #PromLads Competition

  • 20.1 This promotion is open to customers in the UK, Isle of Man, Channel Island and Republic of Ireland, aged 16 years or over. Proof of age may be required. Employees (or family members of employees) of Moss Bros, companies associated with the Promotion and all affiliates of such companies may not enter the Promotion.
  • 20.2 The prize will be; 4 people can win the cost of their suit back up to the value of no more than £250, they will receive a cheque and have to show proof of purchase. The same 4 winners will receive 1 of 4 £250 gift cards to be spent on Moss London products.
  • 20.3 To enter, you must upload a picture of yourself and your mates at prom to twitter or instagram or via direct upload which includes Facebook photo link with the #PromLads @MossBros. You will be notified of your entry.
  • 20.4 You must have a Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Email account and access to the internet to enter.
  • 20.5 Winner will be picked after end date of 08/08/2015 and will be notified within 10 days.
  • 20.6 If you win, we will email you and you must provide details for postage.
  • 20.7 The prize is non-transferable and no cash or other alternative will be offered. The Promoter will not be responsible for any inability of a prize winner to take up the specified prize.
  • 20.8 The Promoter reserves the right to suspend, cancel or amend the promotion and/or review and revise these terms and conditions at any time without giving prior notice and by continuing to take part in the promotion subsequent to any revision of these terms and conditions, entrants shall be deemed to have agreed to any such new or amended terms.
  • 20.9 Prize promoter Moss Bros. Group PLC – please email for any more information.

21. Wedding Photos Competition

  • 21.1 Entries to the competition must be received by 12 November 2015.
  • 21.2 Email your image/s to
  • 21.3 All men featured in the image must be wearing Moss Bros. collections from our ready to wear, hire or bespoke ranges.
  • 21.4 The person submitting the image/s must have written consent from everyone featured in the photo/s.
  • 21.5 The person submitting the image/s must have written consent from the photographer of the photo/s.
  • 21.6 Images can be used by Moss Bros in any marketing materials and platforms that we choose and we can use the images for an unlimited length of time.
  • 21.7 Any photo/s submitted must be available in a resolution of no less than 300 dpi.
  • 21.8 The prize is a travel voucher worth £1000 that can be put towards a holiday with our travel partner.
  • 21.9 The prize winners will be drawn at random from qualifying entries by Friday 20 November 2015 and the travel voucher dispatched via email shortly after.
  • 21.10There is no cash alternative to this prize.
  • 21.11Prize promoter Moss Bros. Group PLC – please email for more information.

22. Sunday Times Wine Club

  • 22.1 £50 discount available online only on orders of £125 or more.
  • 21.2 Excludes Outlet and Hire.
  • 21.3 Voucher code must be entered at time of purchase and can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • 21.4 Only valid on orders for delivery to UK mainland, Northern Island and Highlands & Islands.
  • 21.5 Offer valid until 30 June 2016.


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