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Men's Suits & Tuxedos

Since founding in 1851, we’ve come to know a thing or two about suits here at Moss Bros. Over the years we’ve tailored the finest suits and tuxedos in a number of different styles, dressing gents for every occasion. Browse our extensive collection of men’s suits and tuxedos, and discover a new favourite for your wardrobe. Our superb house labels include pieces for formal or casual events, and we also carry a selection of stunning designer suits from some of the world’s biggest brands.

Slim Fit

Our Slim Fit Suit Jackets have slimmer lapels with narrow shoulders. The Suit Jacket is shorter in length, the chest, waist and sleeves are narrower. The suit jacket tapers in on the waist to give a slim silhouette, the suit trousers are narrower on the leg and the hem should rest on the top of the shoe. You may consider going up a size when purchasing your first slim fit suit, jacket, coat or trouser.

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Jacket is cut a
little shorter

Tapered ankle
barely clips the shoe


Narrower chest,
waist & sleeves


Slim fit suit

Tailored Fit

Our tailored fit suits have standard lapels. The suit jacket nips in on the waist and the jacket is mid-line in length. The tailored fit suit trousers are lightly tapered and the hem should rest on the top of the shoe. This cut offers a smart and flattering look which sticks to the core rules of tailoring.

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Mid - line

Ankle clips the
top of the shoe

Cut to the

Nips in at
the waist

tapered legs

Slim fit suit

Regular Fit

Our Regular Fit Suits have standard lapels with wide shoulders compared to our slim and tailored fit jackets. The jacket fits looser round the waist and is longer in length. The suit trousers are cut straight, ideal if you prefer more flexibility. The suit trouser hem should sit lightly on the shoe. This is a classic everyday suit which allows more room for an easy fit.

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length jacket

Hem sits lightly
on the shoe

Wider on
the shoulders



Slim fit suit
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