Want to lean into menswear’s latest trend? Find out how to ease up your aesthetic and take on the relaxed fit look.
Men's shacket vs overshirt



Words: L. Thorpe


Tight, tailored styles are stepping back, giving way to more relaxed and oversized fits. If you’re not sure how to wear a relaxed fit without looking like you sized up by mistake, here’s everything you need to know to embrace tailoring’s new relaxed direction.

Men's relaxed coord set

What is a relaxed fit?

Despite how it sounds, a relaxed fit is not just about wearing a bigger size. It’s a style with a deliberately looser and more comfortable profile than traditional or slim fits. It tends to be a more casual style, but that’s changing a little as relaxed fit tailoring moves into the mainstream.

You might also see clothes or outfits labelled oversized. While it’s true you could wear a larger size for a roomier, streetwear-style fit, if an item is oversized it’s been specifically cut in a more relaxed fit in proportion to your size.

Relaxed fit trousers or jeans are a style of men’s loose trousers that usually have a wider leg and a more generous fit through the hips and thighs. They’re designed so you’ve got room to move around and they feel more comfortable. For relaxed fit T-shirts and shirts, it’s similar. This style usually has a broader cut across the shoulders and chest so the fabric drapes more casually, rather than being structured. Shackets and overshirts are usually more of a relaxed fit as they’re designed to be layered. The same goes for relaxed fit jumpers, hoodies and outerwear.

Do relaxed fits exist in men’s fashion?

Relaxed and oversized fits aren’t new, and have come in and out of fashion over the decades. They definitely feel right again in 2023, with looser outfits taking the place of the tight, fitted looks of the 2010s.

From the men’s runways through to the best-dressed guys out there, we’re seeing more relaxed and slouchy looks especially when it comes to suits, thanks in large to the recent resurgence in ‘90s and Y2K style.

Men's relaxed coord set

How to style a relaxed fit

While a relaxed or oversized fit can be more comfortable and appears a little looser, it’s still important to get the right size. Our oversized pieces are cut in a way that allows you to buy your usual size and still achieve that relaxed look. Sizing up may cause your outfit to look like it’s too big or unbalanced – keeping your style and proportions in place is the key to doing oversized outfits without feeling like you’re being consumed by your clothes. Consider pairing a loose-fit trouser with a fitted tee to ease into the trend.

Layering is a great way of experimenting with relaxed fits, like adding an oversized shacket or overshirt to an otherwise fitted outfit. It’s a chilled, easy touch to any look and can take something fairly dressy down a notch. Just try one piece such as a trouser in a looser fit and keep the rest of your outfit more tailored; you don’t need to make everything oversized right away. If you want to jump right in, however, our drapey relaxed co-ord is the way to go.

Men's relaxed fit options

Keeping some tailored elements and structure to your outfit can help shake off the feeling of wearing clothes that aren’t the right size. It’ll feel different to your usual more fitted style at first, especially if you’re choosing more relaxed, unstructured fabrics like linen. Experiment with layering an oversized shirt which can easily be styled with your existing suits to add new flare to an old outfit.

Don’t be scared to try some tucking and folding either, especially if you’re wondering how to style an oversized tee. You’ll be surprised how different an oversized fit works with a strategically rolled sleeve or a tuck at the waistband – it can totally change the proportions, fit, and feel of an outfit. Turn up the bottom of a relaxed-fitting trouser and style with a boot, or consider layering a tucked-in fitted tee under an oversized shirt or shacket. Throw on a higher waisted relaxed trouser with fitted knitwear, or try oversized knitwear and an overcoat with a fitted trouser. The options are endless and experimentation is key.

Striped suit

Is a relaxed suit a thing?

Wondering if you can do relaxed formalwear? One way to take on the softer tailoring trend is to move away from slim fit styles and trying out looser fits. Like our regular fit stripe suit – it’s cut from superfine wool on our most generous block with straight arms and legs. Skip the tie and enhance its slouchier feel with a soft knit instead. And don’t be scared to add some trainers – it’s about easing up the whole aesthetic.

This style works better for more casual events if you’re feeling tentative, but it can definitely work for more dressed-up codes too – some of the world’s most stylish guys have been seen in oversized looks at big events in the past 12 months.

If you really want to go easy on relaxed style, try some oversized accessories with a laid-back suit instead. A chunky scarf or hat with a more fitted outfit might feel a bit easier to wear, and still allows for a bit of experimentation.