Men's Black Tie Suits

Combining old school glamour with modern styling, our tuxedo and black tie range enables you to achieve a dashing and sophisticated look at your next event. A slim fit, velvet dinner jacket can be styled up for a special occasion, or dressed down with a pair of jeans for the ultimate smart-casual look. A black lapel dinner suit on the other hand, is perfect for the man who wants to make an impact at a glitzy formal event. Complete your well-groomed look with a bow tie, silk pocket square, silver tie bar, and crisp white shirt and braces.

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When it comes to suit colours, some are more versatile than others while some give you scope to be a bit more adventurous. A navy blue suit is the standard for good reason – it looks great on everyone and is an easy match for shirts, ties, shoes and accessories in all sorts of shades. A grey suit is just about as versatile as navy and goes almost any colour, so it makes a great base if you want to branch out with your look. A black suit , while the obvious choice for a sombre occasion, can be transformed for a more upbeat event with a tie, pocket square, or even socks in strong, vivid colours. A neutral or brown suit is generally more at home in warmer weather and but darker shades can give an autumnal feel, especially when worn with deep-toned accessories.