The suit fit guide - The Inside Pocket

The first rule of tailoring?

Get the right fit.

A well-fitted suit will always look more expensive than an ill-fitting one. But the truth of the matter is one fit does not suit all.

Skinny, slim, tailored and regular fit suits all have different defining features. Knowing which fit is best for you is the easiest way to look and feel your best in your suit. So, here it is: your need-to-know on our four fits.



This close-fitting style is our narrowest fit, creating a modern, pin-sharp silhouette. Our skinny fit is cut close around the shoulders and is nipped-in around the waist with a shorter length jacket. Arms are also narrow, as are trouser legs right through to the hem, which is cut to barely clip the top of your shoe. If you’re buying a skinny fit suit or jacket for the first time, you might find going up a size will feel better on.

Find skinny fit suits in our Moss London collection.




Sharp and minimalist, our slim fit has a similar contemporary feel to our skinny fit but with just a touch more room. It’s close-fitted around the shoulders and waist, while its jacket length is slightly longer than our skinny fit but still shorter than most other fits for a modern look. Arms and legs are narrow and the trouser hem will graze the top of your shoe. As with skinny, you might want to go up a size if you’re buying your first slim fit suit.

Slim fit brands include DKNY and French Connection.




Our tailored fit offers a smart, flattering look that sticks to the core rules of tailoring. Shoulders are well-defined for a strong silhouette, while the jacket tapers at the waist and is mid-line in length. Arms and legs are also lightly tapered and your hem will rest on the top of your shoe.

Moss 1851, Ted Baker, Hardy Amies, HUGO by Hugo Boss, Lanificio F.Lli Cerruti Dal 1881 and new season Ermenegildo Zegna Cloth and Savoy Taylors Guild all come in a tailored fit.




Looking for more room and an easy fit? For a classic everyday suit, try our regular fit suits. Wider shoulders, a softly tailored waist, generous sleeves and a longer length jacket all create a more traditional feel. Straight cut trousers are ideal if you prefer more flexibility, while your hem will sit lightly on your shoe.

Choose Moss Esq., Savoy Taylors Guild and some Ermenegildo Zegna Cloth suits for a regular fit.