They’re not just for the working week.



Words: L. Thorpe


Workwear has moved into a more relaxed direction as of late, especially as more people now work from home. But as the sun starts to grace us with its presence and commutes get a bit warmer, you might be wondering whether you can wear shorts to the office or not. Let’s explore below.




Moss - chino shorts


Shorts: office attire or weekend wear?

The job you do definitely has a bearing on what you wear for work. If there’s a safety issue with you wearing shorts, or your workplace still requires you to wear a suit and tie, then it’s probably a no. Certain industries have different standards when it comes to workwear, and your company may want to keep it more on the formal side.

Essentially, your role and responsibilities can influence what’s appropriate to wear for work, so if in doubt check what the expectations are for your workplace.

The type of shorts you wear matter too. Gym shorts, sleep shorts or very short shorts? Probably not, unless your workplace dress code is really relaxed. The good news if you do have the go-ahead is that there are plenty of work-ready shorts you can wear to the office.


Moss - pleated shorts


The must-have work shorts for the office

When choosing your work shorts, it’s a good idea to select styles that will go further in your wardrobe. Sticking to neutrals, a longer length and more easy-to-wear fabric choices is the safer option, and they can be worn throughout the summer too. Also, choosing shorts that have more structure to them can help them to feel more dressed up.

Chino shorts

A staple in any man’s summer wardrobe, chino shorts are usually reserved for weekend looks. In a smart-casual office environment, however, they work really well when combined with a short sleeve Oxford or a linen shirt with the sleeves rolled up. They’re cut to a slim fit, sitting snuggly on the body but have a little bit of added stretch for ease of movement – useful when you’re experiencing a particularly sweaty commute.



Moss - pleated shorts


Pleated shorts

A smarter take on the chino short, pleated shorts can really level up your work gear. With turn ups and side adjusters, they can elevate even the most casual of outfits. However, pleated shorts truly shine when combined with a linen shirt for the summer months. If you’re feeling particularly bold and want to add an extra bit of tailoring into the mix, add a blazer that is as close to the colour of your shorts for a cohesive, warm weather version of a suit.

Our pleated shorts come in seersucker and linen, two top-notch summer fabrics that are lightweight and will keep you cool too.