Ted Baker
  • Quality, attention to detail & a quirky sense of humour
  • No ordinary designer label
  • Stylish menswear and accessories
Savoy Taylors Guild
  • Is about sophistication, workwear, timelessness.
  • Fine clothing for the discerning gentleman
  • Tailored fit.
  • Modern, youthful designs
  • Cutting edge clothing & accessories
  • Captures the energy & spirit of New York
Ermenegildo Zegna Cloth
French Connection
  • A quirky spin on design
  • Chic French style blended with a British personality
  • Quality at affordable prices
Moss 1851
  • Is about the cut, style, detail, effortlessness.
  • Tailored fit.
  • Classy, well tailored, high quality cloth
Moss London
  • Is about attitude, individuality, quirky, urban, youth
  • Slim fit.
  • Suits, shirts, ties, knitwear & accessories
Hardy Amies
Lanificio F.lli Cerruti Dal 1881 Cloth
  • Italian fabric with heritage
  • Structured tailoring with relaxed casualwear
  • Quality flannel, tweed & Cashmere
Moss Esq.
  • Is about being on the move, workwear, simplicity
  • Regular fit
  • Suits, jackets, shirts, ties and shoes
John White
  • Quality shoes & boots
  • Over 100 years experience
  • Combining elegance with classical styling
Royal Ascot
  • Quality morning suits
  • Perfect for the occasion or traditional wedding
  • 100% wool jacket & waistcoat
Moss Bespoke
  • Is about process, people, craft, handmade expertise
  • Tailor made suits
  • Luxurious accessories
Rock London
Ben Sherman
  • First shirt launched in 1963
  • Unique mix of fabric, pattern and colour
  • Clothing for the young fashionable man
  • Everyday wear in the office
  • Regular fit
  • Easy care & many items don’t need ironing
  • Slick, accessible, yet aspirational brand
  • Uncomplicated, modern - inspired by city living
  • Contemporary & sophisticated
Ventuno 21
  • Dressing with a blend of trendy edginess
  • Inspired by international catwalks
  • For the confident, young fashion conscious urban male
  • Hand furnished umbrellas
  • Famous for their quality
  • Fashionable design & technical innovations