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Workday, weekday, anyday-wools.

Workday, weekday, any-day wools

Words: C. Stewart

Like summer’s tees, a good selection of knitted jumpers in your wardrobe will form the building blocks of all sorts of winter looks.

Our knits are made from super-soft, temperature-regulating merino wool (more on that here). Their fine-gauge knit hangs beautifully, rather than clings, and is streamlined enough to layer a jacket on top but still has all the warmth-keeping chops of a thicker knit.

The zip-neck jumper adds a relaxed but refined feel to any outfit. It’s a layering hard-hitter too, so while it’ll look great with a crisp pair of trousers in the early autumn, it’ll look even better layered over a t-shirt or under a coat as the temp drops.

The humble crew neck has held its own in men’s wardrobes for decades, keeping everyone from fishermen to track-stars toasty in its many different forms. Although the most casual out of all your basic knits, when made from fine merino wool your crew neck will notch up any look without adding bulk.

Often underrated in a man’s knitwear collection, the polo jumper is actually a useful middle-ground between the casual ease of a crew neck and the buttoned-up smartness of a shirt. On days you want to make more of an effort but don’t quite need to reach for your shirt, the polo pulls your look together with all the comfort of your favourite jumper.

For a well-dressed autumn stroll or just kicking back at home, the rollneck is unmatched in adding sophistication to your look. Level up your lounging by wearing it with stretch-rich check trousers at home then layer on a tonal overcoat when you leave the house.