Because your top half has to work twice as hard.



The working world may be going back to some version of normality and soon it’ll hopefully be ok to socialise (sensibly) in the real world again but, for the moment at least, those Zoom calls are still going to be a constant on your calendar.

Let’s be honest, while we’ll always advocate for actually wearing trousers too, it’s your top half that’s pulling double duty on the outfit front while you’re on screen. Best make it count with a great shirt, then.


Yes, we’re saying you should make the effort with a shirt, but nobody said you had to give up on comfort in the process. Swap your casual t-shirt for a smart stretch shirt and we promise you’ll barely notice the difference but everyone else on your Zoom call will.

And for something so good at making you look pulled together, a stretch shirt’s pretty easy to pull on too. Pair yours with formal trousers when you’ve got a call with the boss or wear it unbuttoned at the collar to take your casual chinos up a notch for virtual drinks with friends.


The best Zoom shirt is one that stands out on screen. How loud you go with your print will depend on why you’re on this Zoom call in the first place (a question you’ve likely asked yourself at some point in the last year, though perhaps for other reasons).

On a work call? A micro printed shirt is an easy way to liven up workday tailoring. Heading to a wedding without leaving your house? A scaled-up floral print will hit the right romantic note online. Got plans with your group chat for a Zoom pub quiz? Sounds like a prime time for a vivid tropical print if ever there was one.


If you’ve got used to longer in bed due to a drastically shorter commute, you need something that needs zero attention in the morning. Our zero iron shirt got its name because, you’ve guessed it, it needs zero ironing.

Not only that, but it also uses your body heat to continually ease out creases, so you’ll look pristine all day no matter how long the call or however many calls you have to sit through. Wear yours with a knitted or printed tie for a little extra detail where it counts.


The outfit equivalent of positioning your laptop in front of a strategically stocked bookcase, the luxury shirt is the one to reach for when you want to project a certain image on your Zoom call. You know – that you are refined, composed and have used your time in lockdown to re-read your copy of War and Peace.

The Egyptian cotton shirt is that shirt. Soft, breathable and resilient with an expensive-looking lustre, Egyptian cotton is, quite simply, the best cotton in the world. We suggest wearing one with a subtle surface texture to reinforce the message that you’re a man of excellent taste.