Here’s everything you need to know to choose a beach wedding suit.


Words: L. Thorpe


If you’re lucky enough to have received an invitation to a wedding, then you might be wondering what to wear. Get it wrong, and you might end up with an uncomfortable day. Do you wear a suit? Do you wear shorts and a shirt? Are sandals ok?

Here’s everything you need to think about when it comes to a beach wedding, and what to wear for one.

GUEST – copper linen pleated trousers // linen grandad collar shirt // Lewisham brown suede casual loafer

Planning to attend a beach wedding

A beach wedding is normally more relaxed. The bride and groom might decide on more traditional outfits or dress code, but usually with a beach wedding it’s a bit more casual. This means balancing the look and comfort level on the day. Check this out when you accept your invitation as it will help you decide what to wear.

The other thing to consider is where you’re heading. Not all beaches are created equally. There’s a big difference in what to wear if you’re jetting off to a destination wedding in a tropical location vs a beach wedding in the UK or somewhere cooler and breezier.

If you’re travelling further afield to head to a beach wedding, you also need to think about packing your outfit and taking it with you. Some fabrics and fits travel better than others. Choosing to take something like an non-iron shirt or a fabric that’s meant to look a little more lived-in, like linen, can go a long way.

Check the weather forecast before you travel and then ahead of the wedding or event. It might make sense to take a couple of different options if it looks like the weather could change while you’re out there.

GROOM – tailored fit white seersucker suit // tailored fit off white linen shirt // Lewisham taupe suede casual loafer

What to wear to a beach wedding

If you’re heading to a warm-weather beach wedding, go lightweight. Choose a light, breathable fabric like linen or cotton for your suit and stick to a 2-piece suit instead. Seersucker is also a great summer fabric for beach weddings – our take has a traditionally puckered surface that adds a bit of interest and offsets a smooth linen shirt and soft suede loafers. Lose the tie and keep the collar open for a breezy look.

You might even be able to relax the look even further by choosing a suit that’s more of an oversized or less structured fit, wearing a T-shirt underneath instead of a shirt or going without the jacket completely. Read our guide on what to wear to a summer wedding for more warm-weather styling ideas.

Check the dress code with the couple and the wedding organisers so you know what you’ve got to work with. Some beach weddings are even more relaxed, with chino shorts or wide leg trousers and short sleeved shirts (with or without a bow tie) being a great option. Pleated trousers cut from linen are an light and airy option that still has you looking put together. Our take comes in a trending coppery tone that offers a nice contrast to a white linen shirt.

Either way, it’s unlikely that you’ll be expected to wear a full 3-piece suit in something like tweed if you’re in a warmer climate.

As for footwear, ditch the formal leather shoes and go for more casual footwear like loafers, boat shoes or sandals. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and suitable for sandy or uneven terrain too, as you don’t want to end up feeling uncomfortable throughout the day.

Colour is also important for a beach wedding. Again, check in with the wedding party but often lighter, more relaxed colours look great if you’re a guest at a wedding on the beach. Think beige, tan, light grey and subtle additions of muted colours like light blue or pale pink. Go a little more relaxed than you would at a traditional wedding.

Looking for some ideas of where to host your beach wedding? Here’s our guide to the best places for a destination wedding.