We know that style is personal.



Words: C. Stewart

We know that style is personal. So we asked some of our favourite individuals how they express themselves.
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KOFI: Actor, musician

How would you describe yourself? And how would your friends describe you?
I’m a medium height guy. I’m 24. I have black hair and nice eyebrows. Other people would describe me as a cheeky chappy.

Tell us about what you get up to?
I like sports, I like clothes and I like hanging out with people in pubs and restaurants. I’m very musical: I like listening to music, playing the guitar, jamming on the sax or cello and singing.

Do you have any signature things you really like to wear?
Most days I wear stretchy black jeans and a long sleeved shirt. Usually I opt for Chelsea boots or high tops. I like smart things, but my skinny jeans are my go-tos. Often I’ll pair them with a suit jacket, to mix it up a bit. Other times a leather jacket, to keep it casual.

Who influences your style?
My style influencers are David Beckham and Jack P. Shepherd.

What did you like most about what you’re wearing in this shoot?
I loved the grey check suit, especially the skinny trousers. The slim fit is very me, it goes really well with my monochrome shirts and tops. I’m keeping it for the next wedding I go to!

And finally, any advice for anyone who needs encouragement to express themselves with their style?
My advice would be to wear what makes you happy, if you feel good you’ll look good!





Tell us about yourself.
I would say I am calm (sometimes a bit too slow haha), kind, family-oriented, friendly and a little shy. And definitely more emotional than rational. My friends would say I’m a bit weird, cute, scared of insects, warm heart, smiley, impulsive, kind, caring, a bit of a hippie, a dreamer…

How would you describe your style? 
I like vintage style. I like to mix up vintage pieces with current ones. But mostly it depends on my mood. Sometimes I feel like being very feminine and girlie, and other times I would go full-on tomboy. When I lack inspiration I just go online and look for ideas from other women in fashion that I admire – at the moment my favourite style icons are Elsa Hosk and Matilda Djerf. But I’m also influenced by friends and icons from the past, like Audrey Hepburn.

Is there any item of clothing you can’t do without?
A good pair of denim. My favourite styles are straight-cut and mom jeans. But all through lockdown I’ve been looking forward to really dress up and wear high heels.

What felt most ‘you’ in your outfits for this shoot?
I loved that both looks had something of my own, it made me feel very comfortable. In the first outfit I wore my own denim and in the second one my Dr Martens boots which, matched with the blazer, really looked like something that I would normally wear.

Lastly, any words of advice on how anyone else can express themselves with their style?
I think it’s very important to follow your instinct and to wear what you feel like, even if it looks weird or funny. Also keep your mind open and try different things. I surprised myself trying out clothes that I didn’t think I was cool enough to wear or that were too out-there, but then I ended up loving them. And pay attention to people that you admire, how they dress, what do they like. That helped me to develop my style based on my personality and on people that I look up to.




BRINSTON: actor, basketballer

Tell us about yourself
I would say am and outgoing person and fun to be around. I spend my free days on gym … I’m there about 2-4 hours of the day. I also play video games to keep my mind sharp and out of unwanted thoughts hahaha. I love traveling whenever I can.

Do you have any signature ways you put an outfit together?
To be honest I don’t have any personal style – growing up, my family never had any money so I had to be ok with anything I had and could put on. I learnt to wear the same things but style them to make them look different. So now I will rock anything that’s in front of me hahahaha.

Who influences your style? (this could be famous people or people in your life)
Tbh no one person really influences my style … but a bit of the Asian way of dressing, I love it. Especially Koreans.

What have you been most looking forward to wearing in the post-lockdown world?
I’ve been waiting to get into the summer vibes!! It’s been far too long without some nice shorts and T-shirts and that’s all you need – simple!

Any advice for anyone who needs encouragement to express themselves with their style?
I would say what’s the point trying to be like everyone when u could be the next big style change in the world? Just be you and be different. There’s nothing fun in being or trying to be like others of fit in. Make the difference/be the difference 😉