More individuals, more style, all their own.



Words: C. Stewart

More individuals, more style, all their own.
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SEYE: Bass, Gorillaz

Tell us about your style. Do you have any signature looks or ways you put an outfit together?
My style has changed a lot over the years. It has always been on the flamboyant side of things though. Of late, as I am in a calmer point in my life, I have a nice range of things from the more everyday and casual to the Pyramid Stage-ready ‘rock star’. Having a good leather jacket in the wardrobe is a must, though. And I am a sucker for a big hat

Who influences your style?
As a musician, I get the chance to hang out with lots of interesting people from lots of interesting places in a wide range of fields and occupations, so there is no end to inspiration for me. I just channel my experiences into how I’m feeling and then put that into what I’m wearing. How I dress in Mexico when I’m feeling good about myself after a gig, good meal, and trip to an art gallery is going to be way different to how I dress in Tokyo or Paris or Bromley!

Tell us about what you’re wearing in this shoot? What bit felt most ‘you’?
They all felt like me really. That’s an important thing to learn when it comes to thinking about fashion. You can make anything work. It’s a choice. Clothes are meant to fit YOU and not the other way around. If you decide not to wear something, I hope it’s not because you don’t think it suits you but it’s because you just don’t feel like it.

Any advice for anyone who needs encouragement to express themselves with their style?
Yes. You are creative. Every human being is. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. That doesn’t have to look like anyone else and also it could end up looking similar to someone else. It’s all good. They are just clothes. Feel good. Feel yourself. One Love.




SHEM: model

Tell us about yourself.
I would describe myself as someone who can be pretty balanced – I can be loud and make jokes and am probably sometimes annoying but I can be quiet and reserved at times as well. In my free time I like to watch YouTube videos and play video games on my PS4, basically what a normal teenager my age would do. Also I love going to town to shop or watch films and hang out with my friends.

What’s your style?
My style of clothing is very casual. It can change at times, especially when I see something I like, but normally I would wear cargo pants, a hoodie and maybe an oversized flannel jacket. When I want to wear something a bit more formal I usually wear a nice blazer jacket and match it with a turtle neck or a nice shirt. I love wearing high shoes like Jordan’s as it fits the casual look I always go for. Recently I have started wearing jewellery like chains and earrings.

Any items you can’t do without?
The one piece of clothing I couldn’t do without would probably be hoodies. I seriously don’t know what I would do without them.

Who influences your look?
I take inspiration from everyone that I see maybe on Instagram or on social media but the one person that has really influenced my style would be Tobi Brown from the UK YouTube group, Sidemen. He also wears a lot of casual clothing and was the reason I started wearing cargo pants.

Tell us about what you’re wearing in this shoot?
I loved the pink/salmon-coloured suit, I thought it was really cool and different and I think Jay Z also wore something similar to that suit a while back. Also, the colour really brings out my eyes and matches my complexion.

Lastly, any words of advice on how anyone else can express themselves with their style?
For anyone struggling to express themselves I would say to visualise what your ideal style is and just go for it. At the end of the day, what you wear is totally up to you – even if the coolest thing is not your vibe, you should find what is your vibe and go for it. I  think it’s cool that a lot of people’s styles reflect heavily on their personality. Everyone has different personalities, so everyone also has different styles.