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Navy Floral Tie, Hank & Tie Bar Set

This product is no longer available.


This set offers all the accessories you need to complete a special-occasion outfit. With a contrasting bold pattern in the pocket square, it’s on-trend and brings just the right amount of interest to your look. Wear them with a blue suit and white shirt, but feel free to reach for each item individually too.

Fabric and Care

  • Tie:
    100% Polyester
    Pocket Square:
    100% Polyester
    Tie Bar:

Product Code

  • Tie: 966333008
Overall Rating

Based on 22 ratings
10 July 2021
Good quality and looks really clean with my black suit
Helpful? YES / NO
1 July 2021
complemented my suit and shirt choice
Helpful? YES / NO
20 November 2020
Goes very well with the trousers and jacket.
Helpful? YES / NO
23 March 2020
It was a comfy product that fitted well within my attire and finished my look
Helpful? YES / NO
10 March 2020
Great quality, great price
Helpful? YES / NO
27 February 2020
Tie and hankerchief set is a good length with the hankerchief that extra bonus for use st weddings. Tie clip a nice feature to keep it looking tidy
Helpful? YES / NO
9 February 2020
Great colour and a fantastic price
Helpful? YES / NO
9 February 2020
As above very poor quality
Helpful? YES / NO
2 February 2020
Colour was just what I was looking for. Perfect for my wedding outfit
Helpful? YES / NO
11 January 2020
Look professional
Helpful? YES / NO
10 January 2020
Was a beautiful gift for a gentleman! Lovely tie, great quality
Helpful? YES / NO
30 December 2019
Bought for a friend they were very happy
Helpful? YES / NO
3 December 2019
Helpful? YES / NO
2 November 2019
Great fit. Went for the classic fit rather than the new style of the shorter cut. Really pleased
Helpful? YES / NO
14 August 2019
These titles aren't the most helpful. Do not know what this is referring to - the suit or the tie shirt combo.
Helpful? YES / NO
7 August 2019
I often have trouble finding suits that fit my build. The purchases were a great fit and good quality.
Helpful? YES / NO
9 July 2019
It fit well and looked stylish.
Helpful? YES / NO
21 June 2019
It’s my sons prom suit, the fit is fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for a easier shopping experience the staff in the shop made my it very easy.
Helpful? YES / NO
4 June 2019
The gentleman matched a tie set perfectly to the suit chosen
Helpful? YES / NO
3 May 2019
Lovely product, at a good price
Helpful? YES / NO
27 April 2019
Nice colour well made nice material
Helpful? YES / NO
5 March 2019
The colour was very good.
Helpful? YES / NO

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