Harris Tweed

The tweed trend has grown in strength over the last few years, from jackets to ipad covers this trend has rocketed amongst fashionistas in Britain. 

What once was a stereotypical farmer’s jacket of choice is now a staple in men’s wardrobes. With the fairly recent Great Gatsby film highlighting Tweed jackets and suits as uber cool high street stores have been stocking everything tweed. 

For those who don’t know what Harris Tweed is then continue reading!

Tweed is an unfinished woollen fabric; although wool is soft it is tightly woven to give a rough patterned effect. Harris Tweed is unique in the way of where the wool is spun, tweed may only be classed as ‘Harris’ if it has been spun in the outer Hebrides.

 How do you wear tweed you might ask, well bear in mind that the more hectic in colour your tweed jacket is then dull down your accessories, woven ties, crisp shirts and tailored trousers will add a sartorial essence to your outfit. 

If you are bold enough to don a pair of tweed trousers then make sure the cut is slim, avoid a wider cut trouser, you want to look stylish not like an out dated farmer.