After his Custom Made appointment, we sat down with wheelchair tennis champion Alfie Hewett OBE to learn all about his personal style and what he likes to wear off-court.


Naturally, sportswear is your go-to when training or playing in a tournament, but what about off-court – how would you define your everyday style?

That would vary depending on the season. We’re in winter right now so I like to feel warm and comfortable, and generally quite casual. I’m a big fan of knitwear – I’m known for my jumpers and quarter zips – and items that are going to look smart but also feel comfortable.

In summer I still like to feel relaxed. I went through a period of time when I wore items that were particularly slim fit, but over time I’ve ventured more over to the looser side and like to feel that things are more comfortable than anything. I like to stick on a shirt, one that’s relatively quite baggy and loose but still has a little bit of smartness to it. I’d say I’m quite relaxed with the off-court look.


What about for more formal events such as galas or dinners – what’s the look you usually go for?

A lounge suit is usually my go-to when I’ve had events on like galas or awards. I don’t tend to go for a 3-piece, it’s usually just a 2-piece with a tie. I have a lovely navy suit that has done its fair share of events over the recent years, but in general I do like dressing up for those occasions.

I also don’t mind sticking on the [suit] jacket and some chinos if it’s a little less formal. I like the variety of it and the ability to be versatile, to feel good and confident depending on the event.

Is dressing the part important to you? Does it give you confidence?

Massively important. Being able to walk in the room and know that the outfit is tailor-made, that it brings out your best features, certainly helps when approaching that social setting. A lot of people can find it intimidating or slightly nerve-wracking at times and personally, I’ve not always enjoyed big social events. What I can say is that if I’m dressed the part and feeling confident in what I’m wearing, it certainly gives me a stride in my step when walking into these events so I can be the best version of myself.


What does personal style mean to you?

To me, personal style means being able to express yourself and your human characteristics. We are very lucky that there is so much [style] variety in our society these days, and your appearance can really express your personality. It’s not always a case of judging a book by its cover, but it does give people the ability to show themselves and have that freedom. It’s what society should be all about – to be able to wear whatever you want to feel confident and happy. [What you wear is] completely up to you, and it’s that freedom of choice that fashion allows people to be able to have.

Is there anyone who’s style you particularly admire, famous or otherwise?

Not specifically, but over the last couple of years I’ve definitely taken more interest in other people’s appearances. I used to say I was quite bland with my [fashion] choices, and this might have been because I lacked a small bit of education! But, especially over the last couple of years, I’ve paid more interest to how I look off-court. I spend a lot of time in tracksuits and sportswear but recently I’ve started to take in a lot more [fashion inspiration], whether that’s from online or walking around the local stores. I pick up on the trends and what people are wearing, and I’m always questioning whether that would be up my street or not. Then, I try and apply it to my wardrobe.

What’s one piece of clothing you love and will never get rid of?

We’ve recently just moved into a new house, and with that came a few tricky decisions. I had quite a few items of clothing that I’d kept hold of for a very long time, and me and my girlfriend had a very fun night trying to decide which ones stayed and which ones had to go. I did manage to keep hold of quite a few originals from the Alfie Hewitt wardrobe! I must say though, there is one cardigan jacket that I’ve had since I was about 16 or 17 and it comes out every winter. It’s quite a nice woolly jacket that I find extremely comfortable, and I have no plans of getting rid of it anytime soon.