Dancefloor battle: suit vs tux - The Inside Pocket

Both are knockout looks for prom, but which would win in a dancefloor battle?

Unless your prom has a strict dress code, you’ll have the choice between wearing a suit and a tuxedo. So what’s the deal – they’re both pretty smart, right? Yes, but put simply, one is more formal than the other. The main difference is satin – tuxedo jackets have it and suit jackets generally don’t. But there are a few other things to know before you pick a side. Here’s what you should be looking at:





NICKNAME: Whistle and flute

AT A GLANCE: Smart, but not overly formal. A prom suit gives you lots of freedom to express yourself, with all sorts of fabrics to choose from and plenty of ways to style it.

WEAR WITH: Anything, really. On the more dressed-up side of things, wear with a formal shirt, tie, pocket square and polished shoes. But if you’re happier in casual kit or want to stand out, try a Cuban collar shirt in a can’t-miss-it print and trainers.

KILLER MOVE: Once prom’s nothing but a great memory, a suit can be dusted down and worn again for an interview or your next special occasion.







NICKNAME: The penguin suit

AT A GLANCE: Peak formal. Traditionally defined by sleek satin lapels, a wing-collar shirt and bow tie, a prom tuxedo will also probably have a satin-covered, single-button fastening and it might even have a matching satin stripe down the side of the leg. But our Moss London tuxes and jackets also come in bold colours and metallic fabrics that’ll light up the dancefloor.

WEAR WITH: For classic style, add a dress shirt, black bow tie, black patent shoes, silver cufflinks and a smart dress watch. After something more modern? Ditch the accessories and take the floor in a statement tuxedo jacket.

KILLER MOVE: Ever heard of the tuxedo effect? It’s the idea that when you wear a tuxedo, you’re instantly more attractive. While we can’t promise success with your crush at prom, a pin-sharp tuxedo’s going to go a long way to help.