Put your best self back out there.
Man dappled in sunlight wearing tan merino polo shirt.



Words: C. Stewart

After so long without the stuff that makes life worth living, finally – it’s on.

So leave your sweats where they belong with the sight of your own four walls and put your best self back out there.


Two men in light grey wedding suits ready for a summer wedding.
Man in white summer wedding suit and a floral tie with his legs crossed. Text underneath reads 'the waited-for wedding. It's on.'


At last, it’s time to celebrate with friends and family again.
For stags and real-life speeches and dancefloors beyond your kitchen. To wear something that makes you feel on top of the world.


Man sitting on bar top in buttoned black knitted shirt and maroon chinos.


It’s also time for date night in the real world, for footie on the big screen and for birthday celebrations with actual people.

Man in white t shirt and light summer suit standing at a bar waiting for a date in summer.


Model in navy shacket and white t shirt at a birthday party holding a bottle of beer standing by a river in summer.
Man in grey merino polo shirt and grey checked trousers leaning on a rail. He is sat by a river and holding a beer in the summer sun.



Two men sat with cocktails wearing grey and navy polo shirts and sunglasses.


Pub garden days and after-work socialising and dinner round yours. It’s all on.

So are weekends somewhere new. Anywhere new, really.

Men standing at an ice cream van in the summer wearing Mss Bros merino polo shirts.


Man in summer tuxedo and bow tie dressed for prom.
Man sat in sky light blue prom suit and floral tie.



Man in three piece wedding suit and floral tie leaning against park railings in summer.


And, yes, it’s true: big-ticket events are back on too.

Like prom night and race day and any other reason you can grab to experience how good it feels to get properly dressed up again.

Man in white summer suit, green knitted tie and navy shirt looking into the distance.