Welcome to a new era in menswear.

Perhaps it’s a response to everything that’s going on in the world. Perhaps we just all need a bit of reassurance that everything is, in fact, going to be alright. Or maybe we’ve all realised that life is just that bit easier when you’re comfortable.

The fact is menswear is changing, and tailoring in particular is heading in a new direction with comfort at its core.



As with most trends, it’s to do with where we are and what’s happening around us. Every man and his dog is probably aware of athleisure and its rapid rise to influence just about every other trend in menswear and beyond.

It’s been so influential that, where once there was a distinct difference, now the lines have blurred between formality and comfort. But does that mean we’re going to reach a stage where it’s acceptable to wear your gym kit to an interview? Probably not, so menswear designers have tapped into this need for clothes that offer comfort – both physically and psychologically – but are still smart or professional or suitable for life outside your HIIT session.



There’s also the fact that less of us have to wear a suit as much now. Sure, there’ll always be a wedding, a black tie do or a funeral to dress formally for, but very few offices will still insist we wear a suit to work. Now, we can now choose to wear a suit. We can choose to look smart, to feel pulled-together, to make an effort.

But that also means we can be more choosy about how what we wear fits with our needs and our tastes. We, quite rightly, demand clothes that fit our busy and complex lifestyles.

As with everything else going on in our lives, what we want is flexibility. The freedom to wear what we want, when we want.

And for what we wear to feel as good as it looks.