Looking to buy a prom suit? Here’s where to start.



Prom is a rite of passage in lots of ways, but it’s also really likely to be your first time buying a suit. If that’s true, you’re probably a bit unsure of what it is you actually want.

Whether you’re new to suit-buying or you’ve done this before, any questions you might have about which prom suit to buy will fall under four areas: fit, style, occasion and price. Get them all right, and you’re on to a winner.

So let’s break them down, shall we?


Getting the right fit is your number one priority – consider it your framework that everything else hangs on. Our in-store suit experts are on-hand to take your measurements and we also offer alterations through all of our stores.

But it’s not as simple as just getting the right size – it’s also important to be realistic about which fit will work best for your frame. If you’ve got broad shoulders and a narrow waist you’ll look great in our tailored fit, however, if you’re slim-framed with slim limbs, then you’ll pull off a skinny fit or slim fit.

Whatever fit you go for, your suit should sit flat on the chest and shoulders. Not too wide and not too tight. For a tailored look, your jacket length should end by the middle of your thumb when your arms are by your side, while a skinny or more trend-led jacket will be cut a little shorter. Read how to get the right fit for a detailed look at each of our fits and step-by-steps to measure for a suit.


This is where seasonal trends and personal taste come into play, but it can be daunting if you’re new to the game or not sure what you’re looking for. If you need some guidance, looking at what our in-store suit experts are wearing is a great place to start. Who better to give you advice than someone who wears a suit day-in and day-out?

Our suit experts are also a great source to find out what other guys are wearing too. Ask them what’s selling in-store at the moment to get a good idea of what’s popular. For example, blue suiting is our most asked-for but pastel colours are a big trend this season. If you’re not quite into head-to-toe pastel pink, try adding in louder colours and prints with your accessories instead.

Don’t be afraid to come in with ideas you’ve seen on Instagram or in magazines – the more you share with us, the more we can help you. Sharing what you like or what inspires you can be the difference between simply a stylish suit and an outfit that makes you look and feel your very best.


If anything influences the kind of suit you should be buying, where you’re going to wear it is a key thing to consider. In your case it’s prom and this is actually the most freedom you’ll ever have to wear something that you can really shine in.

Feeling bold? Go all out in a pastel-hued suit or take your look a step further in a double-breasted style. Traditionally the uniform of bankers, the double-breasted suit has been reimagined for life outside the City in slimmer fits and standout cloths.

If you’re a more understated kind of guy, you’ll never go wrong with a dinner suit or prom tuxedo with classic black satin lapels.


It’s best to be honest with any budget you have in mind. As a prom go-er buying your first suit, you might not have finished growing yet so there’s no point blowing your budget on something that might not fit for very long. If your budget is tight, think about buying a versatile two-piece suit that’ll look great styled up with accessories for prom, but also work dialled down for all those interviews you’ll have to go to now you’re a man of the world.

We’ve got a wide range to pick from including our own-brand labels like Moss, as well as leading brands including Ted Baker, French Connection and DKNY, so there’s something to suit every style and every wallet.

If you are keen to make an entrance but still need to keep an eye on costs, you can also think about hiring a suit for the night. Our prom hire collection includes modern lounge suits starting from just £52.


And that’s it: your guide to shopping for a prom suit like a pro. Ready to get started? Get down to your nearest store or take a look at what’s new in online.