Going out this New Year’s Eve? You’ll need to get your barnet in order, then.

We asked Gavin Hoare of Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa to give us his top four styling products and an expert’s guide on how to use them.



Gavin’s top styling tip? Get to grips with a hairdryer. Not just for long locks, the hairdryer should be your go-to tool for putting a good foundation in place before you even think about adding product.

As Gavin says, “Not just for drying your hair, blowdrying your hair is about getting shape, volume and, if your hair’s a little bit unruly, it’ll give you a smoother, more refined finish.”





Need a little more help in the volume stakes?  Gavin’s number one product for thinning or fine hair is hair dust. Though it comes in various guises, Gavin says the way you use it is what matters, and advises you “apply it straight to the roots to add volume where you need it”.





Next, we move on to dressing your hair. There are loads of waxes on the market in all sorts of consistencies and the key to choosing the right one is to think about what you want to achieve – are you looking to add volume, style your hair into shape or smooth your overall style? Whatever one you choose, Gavin says you want something that gives you “flexibility and control, but even more key is that you can touch your hair throughout the day.”





And finally, Gavin’s fourth pick for your hair styling line-up is a good gel. This is what to use if you’re after a super-slick finish, but beware of the cheaper versions you’ll find in the chemist – they’re usually too watery to give you any real control. Gavin’s top tip is to “pick a hair gel that has a certain amount of stickiness to it”.

As he explains, you’ll want to use it on dry hair and evenly work your gel in section by section for the best result. It’s much harder to take gel away than it is to add a little more at a time.