Get ready to inject a little autumnal colour into your wardrobe.



Words: T. MacInnis

As the days get shorter and the temperatures get lower, you might be tempted to start wearing exclusively dark colours. We get that – black looks good on everyone. But, we also think autumn is a great time to add a little unexpected colour to your wardrobe.

The trick is to choose warmer, richer shades that still evoke that feeling of cosiness you want this season, and then offset them with complimentary or contrasting tones. Think deep burgundies paired with classic navy, or a slight off-white white with a neutral camel. The options for this colour palette are endless, but read on for a few suggestions.

Layering fig, camel and white

Autumn is the prime season for layering. When you spend the day moving from the chilly outdoors to super hot public transit to climate-controlled indoors, your outfit needs to be able to adapt. This is when you can get creative with different textures, prints and colours.

Our camel flannel gilet not only adds an extra layer of warmth, but it also brightens up a more muted colour palette. Or, when paired with a colour like fig, it makes a real statement that’s still understated. Same goes for choosing what to wear with a neutral, camel suit. Opt again for offsetting it with fig tones. That will work especially well if the pattern also has the same camel tone running through it, and a bit of white to ground the whole thing.

Embrace bold patterns

You might think printed shirts are meant to be reserved for warmer months or beach holidays. Think again. You can absolutely keep wearing printed shirts in the autumn and winter, particularly ones that veer more geometric rather than floral, and in tones that make sense for the season.

Our retro-inspired printed shirt (coming soon) ticks all those autumnal boxes. The print is approachable but still offers a little personality, and the fig, camel and white palette will go just as great with denim or joggers as it will with a navy suit.

Focus on the trousers

You might think colour is only for your top half, opting for more basic, pared back trousers in the autumn. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Opting for an unexpected shade on your lower half in the autumn can be a fun way to change up your look.

Our joggers come in fig, camel, grey and navy this season, and they’ll give you endless outfit options no matter where life takes you. Want to dress them up? Throw on a tonal blazer. Want to make a statement? Try a printed shirt or patterned jacket for maximum impact.

Winning outerwear

When it comes to coats and jackets, you might be inclined to reach for something neutral. But, a brighter shade can be equally as wearable. Our fig overcoat will go with just about anything, and it’ll let you (subtly) stand out in the sea of black and navy coats that dominate people’s autumn wardrobes.

Want to be super warm? Try layering a patterned blazer underneath your overcoat for just a hint of extra colour. And nothing will let those coats dominate your outfit better than a white merino knit.

We know adding colour to your look can be a bit intimidating, so always start with just one piece against more neutral shades and build it up from there. But, if you’re feeling adventurous, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Pay attention to what you feel great in, wear that, and you’ll always look your best.