There are so many different types of shirt out there that it can quickly get confusing. If you’ve ever found yourself googling ‘what is a twill shirt?’ or wondering how on earth you’re meant to know which weave to choose (and for what occasion) then you might want to check out our latest shirt style guide, dedicated to the twill shirt.

What is a twill shirt?

In short, a twill shirt is a shirt that’s made with cotton that has a twill weave. It’s not a type of fabric, but instead relates to how the fabric is woven with one thread over the other and a step between rows to create a characteristic diagonal pattern. As well as being used for shirts, twill weaves are used in denim, tweed, chinos and work clothing. It’s a classic shirt style that should last longer than just a season.

In general, a twill shirt is durable, opaque and drapes well. They also tend to show wrinkles and creases less obviously and hides stains well. If this is really something that you’re trying to avoid, then check out non-iron or zero iron twill shirts to keep those creases at bay even more. This can make them an excellent choice for events, especially if you need to travel to with your outfit in storage. It’s heavier than cotton and has a structured form, meaning it really does go the distance.

Man in a navy twill shirt looking to his right. Navy twill shirt folded.


Where to wear a twill shirt?

A twill shirt is a versatile, multifunctional piece for your wardrobe. You can wear it for work, relaxed days and even working from home. It can even be styled up for more formal events, thanks to its more structured style and range of fits. You’ll find twill shirts in every style from tailored to slim to regular.

Lots of popular fabric patterns like checks, diamonds, herringbone, plaid and houndstooth are types of twill, which makes this fabric. It’s also comfortable to wear and feels soft to wear.

Because of twill’s weave, it’s durable, strong and can be worn regularly (without wearing it out). This makes it a great candidate to wear all year round and to work well when you need a stronger, sturdier shirt. It’s also great for keeping warm when the weather is cooler. If you’re wearing a suit made from a heavier material, then you might not want to layer it with a twill shirt.

Getting the right fit

Style your twill shirt without stress with our guide to getting the right fit. Because twill is a little more rigid than other types of shirt and doesn’t necessarily have the stretch, getting your measurements and sizing right is key. Measure your collar size, sleeve length, sleeve length, shoulder width and the waist size to make sure you get a shirt that fits.

When it comes to shirts for men, people tend to measure too tightly. Think about the range of movement you need to have. If you’re measuring up close to your body, add a little extra to the measurements and size up where you need to. Don’t be afraid to have a little move around when you’re trying on shirts, especially if you’re going to be dancing or walking about in your twill shirt – if you don’t damage it or wear it out, you can return it if it’s not the right size.

Three men in striped twill shirts.

How to style your twill shirt

You can wear your twill shirt however feels best for you, but if you’re looking for some tips to make planning an outfit even easier, then here’s an overview of how to wear a twill shirt for whatever plans you’ve got coming up.

Formal and semi formal events

For a formal event, start out by checking the dress code. If it’s not a black tie event, you can then start to pair your twill shirt with a formal suit style. It’s usually best to stick to neutral colours like a white twill shirt and a black, navy or suit colour of your choice and to add formal details like a tie, cufflinks and even a dress watch.

A semi formal event means more a more relaxed colour palette and way more freedom to mix things up. You can even pair your shirt with trousers, chinos or a smart jacket and less formal shoes. If you want to take the formality down a notch, sometimes it’s all about the accessories. Think more relaxed shoes, belts and watches while you scale back on the formal details.

Man in white checked twill shirt looking at the camera. Folded white checked twill shirt.

Business casual and smart casual

Business and smart casual can feel like a bit of a mystery and is sometimes open for interpretation. It usually means less focus on a formal, dressy style and more modern shapes, colours and fits. It’s more relaxed but can still feel tailored and fitted.

Think showing off your personality a little more, being flexible and moving away from safer colours. It’s not about black-tie when it comes to this type of dressing. You can try a lighter suit, linen blends and different colours with your twill shirt when it comes to this style.


A twill shirt will layer nicely for a more casual look. Think jumpers, hooded jackets or knitwear for your off-duty outfit. You can easily dress a twill shirt down with trainers, chinos or jeans too. A plain white twill shirt looks just as good as something a little bolder – such as a herringbone or check patterned twill shirt – when it comes to getting a casual look right.

With casual wear, there really are no rules when it comes to your shirt styling. You can wear exactly what you want, where you want and however you choose. Now that’s the kind of styling we can get behind.

Upping the style stakes with a twill shirt

Whatever you’re dressing for, there’s a twill shirt that you can style up or down. Getting the right fit is essential, but whichever fit or colour you go for, this is one shirt that you should add to your wardrobe. Check out all of our shirts for men and find the one that’s just right for you and your style.