Lighter, leaner and made for summer.



Since British tailoring made its debut on Savile Row way back in the late 1800s, it’s been known for its structured look. And while there’ll always be a well-earned place for our country’s traditional suiting, as our summers get increasingly hotter it’s time for a lighter approach to tailoring too.

So we’ve stripped suiting down and rebuilt it in its lightest form yet. Crafted for comfort and refreshingly easy to wear, the new lightweight suit makes as light work of hot days as it does stifling dress codes.

Sound good? Here’s how it’s done.

First, cloth. From airy linens to summer-weight blends, each of our lightweight suits has been cut from fabric that weighs just 270g per metre or less. To put that in perspective, a traditional tweed can weigh upwards of 400g. What does that mean? They physically feel lighter to wear but also allow greater airflow to keep your body temperature down.

Next, we cut out yet more weight by removing shoulder padding. As well as feeling more comfortable in hot weather, softly constructed shoulders create the relaxed profile you’ve likely seen on breezy Italian tailoring.

Finally, we’ve stipped back the lining on our lightweight suits. While a traditional suit is fully lined through the chest and body, these ones are half-lined or buggy lined across the back of the shoulders and in the sleeves only. This adds just enough form and helps your suit slide on easily over your shirt but considerably lightens the overall load.

And that’s it: laid-back suiting that’s designed to look great and feel even better. From the working week to the wedding of the year, to races and regattas or a weekend garden party – dress it up or dress it down, and make the most of summer any way it comes.