Tailoring doesn’t have to be all buttoned-up – the right suit can set you free.

There’s an idea floating around that tailoring isn’t comfortable. But who said a suit has to be restrictive? Break free from outdated rules with our Moss London stretch suits. Designed for motion, they’re woven with just enough elastane to hold a strong shape yet let you move freely.



Carve out a more relaxed style with stretch tailoring in unconventional colours. A suit in cappuccino and khaki is more flexible than you think, while a twisted yarn stretches a black and white check suit beyond the traditional.

What’s more, the addition of a little stretch gives our Moss London skinny fit even more hug for extra streamlined style.



For full movement, wear your suit with a stretch shirt. Cut close around the back, chest and shoulders, our stretch shirts are designed to give as the body moves and bounce back to their original form.