Suit up for a 3-day business trip

In the first of a new series, we’ve asked our in-store Tailoring Experts to give their styling advice for specific occasions you’ll need to suit up for. First up: David Durney, from our Savoy Taylors Guild store in Kildare, talks us through what you should pack to stay looking sharp for a 3-day business trip.


Every business trip is a chance to impress so you want to ensure your first impression is your best.

For all professions, young and old, the business trip is the perfect opportunity to show off your sartorial prowess while maintaining a professional image.



Before even thinking about colour combinations and accessories, the most important thing to determine is your size and the right fit for you. Nothing will damage your image more than an ill-fitting suit. Most importantly, ensure the jacket fits in the shoulders and chest – everything else can be adjusted with some light tailoring.

When it comes to business suits, the two default colours are navy blue and charcoal. Both are highly versatile colours that are interchangeable with nearly any colour combination. It’s best to opt for a 3-piece in both of these. The option of the waistcoat gives you another outfit to play around with and in many cases packing one 3-piece can take the place of two different 2-piece suits.



Don’t be afraid to mix things up with a statement suit such as a pinstripe or a check. Gone are the days of conformity in the office so a business trip is a great opportunity to show off that extra bit of individuality.



A high-quality navy sports coat is a great rotation option both for a business trip and everyday use. Paired with a pair of indigo jeans or smart chinos and you’ll look suitably smart for any business-casual setting. This is ideal for those lunch meetings you may have with clients where a 3-piece suit would feel too formal.



Make sure to use your accessories to your advantage. One suit can look vastly different with by varying your shirt, tie and shoe combinations.

White and light blue shirts are a staple in any man’s wardrobe and will look crisp and professional in any combination, however, don’t be afraid of the more vibrant colours or patterns. Pink with navy is a combination that most men shy away from but the correct tones can be a striking but great look. A gingham check is a fantastic alternative to the plain colours, too.



Another great way to add a splash of colour to your outfit is with your ties. Don’t shy away from the less frequently used colours that can make your suit really pop. Think of greens, yellows and reds rather than your standard blues, greys and blacks

If these colours are too bold for you a good solid navy tie will look good with any outfit, perhaps a slight pattern to add interest. A classic finishing touch to any suit is the pocket square. This is where a lot of people try to show off a bit of personality and flair, however, a simple white cotton or linen pocket square will add a sophisticated finish to any suit.



And finally, the first thing most people will notice about you is your shoes so make sure they anchor your outfit while complementing your overall look. Monk straps will add a stylish touch to any suit they’re paired with while loafers are great to add some formality to a more casual look. A dark brown colour way is the safest bet to ensure your shoes complement your outfit.