As predicted by The Un-Wedding

Words: M. Woods

If you’ve found yourself here, you’re probably already thinking about your wedding day and what it’s going to look like.

Well, look no further because here are my top 5 predicted wedding trends for 2024, based on everything we’ve seen from the industry’s most unique suppliers at The Un-Wedding Show in 2023, and from speaking to our attendees – the next wave of modern couples who are planning their wedding, their way.

From playful floral displays and clever use of colour to eco-friendly decor and a touch of vintage, these trends can be adapted and personalised to make your day stand out from every other wedding, making it one for you and your guests to remember.

Get ahead of the trends and plan your perfect day with my top five 2024 wedding predictions:

Floral arrangements at the Un-Wedding Show

Photo: Natalia Case Photography

Monochromatic colour palettes

We’ve seen strong examples of this in all categories of wedding styling this year at The Un-Wedding Show, and it looks like this trend is here to stay.

Choosing your wedding colour palette doesn’t have to be difficult. Think about your favourite colour or one that suits you the most, then introduce different tones of the same hue throughout your wedding styling. This can be applied to your outfits, accessories, flowers, the cake, and any decor you choose. Set the tone by sending out your wedding invites in your chosen colour, and everything else can follow suit. Keeping your colour scheme monochromatic is impactful and creates a sense of continuity throughout the day, making everything feel well thought out.

The best thing about this trend is that you don’t . It’s all about what suits you, and that’s what weddings should be about.

Photo: The Un-Wedding Show

Playful floral displays

Say goodbye to traditional floral arrangements and centrepieces, and a big hello to fun and unique flower displays and installations aimed at wowing your guests. As we head into 2024, people are opting for a more creative approach to their wedding floral designs. Again, this trend is all about incorporating your personality into your wedding day. Forget buttonholes and bouquets; think flower clouds, meadows, and hanging floral wreaths instead. This trend pairs perfectly with modern, blank canvas wedding venues that are crying out for impactful styling ideas. Modern wedding florists are always up for the challenge of bringing your vision to life and can make informative suggestions based on your budget, as well as the types of flowers that are in season.

Photo: The Un-Wedding Show

Decor hardcore

We’re in an exciting era whereby more people are opting for alternative spaces to celebrate their nuptials, and 2024 weddings will continue this trend (warehouse wedding anyone?). The best thing about opting for a less traditional, blank canvas wedding venue is the opportunity to go all out with your decor. These days, there are some very cost-effective ways to style even the biggest event spaces by hiring out showstopping decorations. Hiring also has a more positive impact on the environment, meaning you can party guilt free.

Consider full-ceiling glitter canopies or streamer installations in the colours of your choice – these can be easily adapted to dress any space and greatly add to the party atmosphere.

Photo: Natalia Case Photography

The vintage comeback

A bit of a contradiction in terms because let’s face it, vintage never really went away. The glory of vintage is its immortality, especially when it comes to style and weddings. 2024 will see weddings get back in touch with our vintage ancestors in more ways than just the fashion side of things.

Wedding suppliers at The Un-Wedding Show have shown us unique ways to bring vintage technology back into the modern world with a contemporary twist. Think Super 8 wedding videography – it’s grainy, romantic, looking like it’s already stood the test of time (meaning it won’t date). Or how about some 35mm film photography to add extra dimension to your wedding photography package, that cannot be captured in the same way with digital? We think vintage technology will continue to be a big hit next year.

One of our personal favourites has to be the charming audio guest book. It allows your guests to pick up a vintage telephone and speak into the receiver to record their heartfelt message, instead of scrawling it drunkenly into a traditional guest book.

Photo: Bruno Cervera @ Pexels

Wedding content creation

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have something completely new in 2024 – wedding content creation. Yes, it’s a thing, and we can see it being huge in 2024.


Because until now, your wedding day content hasn’t been geared up for social media. You won’t get your official photos and film for a good few months after the wedding and, even then, you probably won’t want to share most of it.

Most of the guests are too busy enjoying the wedding to stop and post on their socials. Also, a lot of couples opt for unplugged weddings these days, requesting that their guests don’t post anything until after the day. So why not hire someone to create quality content for your wedding day in short, social media friendly formats like Reels, TikToks and Stories? This way, you can post them at your leisure without stressing about the creation side of things.

Wedding trends 2024: conclusion

2024 weddings are going to be all about injecting your personality into every aspect of your wedding. It doesn’t matter if it hasn’t been done before; in fact, that’s a good thing! The only way we can continue to make weddings truly unique is to take trends and put your own spin on them. Use your wedding day to celebrate ‘you’ and don’t worry about outdated opinions telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. That’s how you’ll truly have a day to remember.

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