Be a man


Boys, lads, gents. It’s time to bring your A-game. That’s “A” for accessories. A one-step success route to ensuring your look is on-point at prom.


If anyone knows a thing or two about looking decent, it’s me. And, when it comes to getting dressed up for prom, there are a few things to know. Being a man isn’t just about growing some balls and waiting for your voice to break. It’s about getting your sh** together, being accomplished. My plan is fool proof. These are what I call the five style commandments:

1. It’s all about the finishing touches. There’s no point suiting up if your hair looks like you’ve been driving around with the roof down all day. Slick hair styling is a must.


2. In all honesty, your trousers should be a perfect fit (thanks to me). However, a belt completes the look. Opt for a simple leather band and buckle if you want your suit to go the extra mile.

3. Tie or bow-tie. Never both (duh). If you’re a Fresh Prince fan, kick it back to the 80’s with the latter. For a classic look, it’s the tie. But at the end of the day, it’s whichever floats your boat.


4. Don’t forget your cufflinks. Have you ever seen Hardy strutting about with his cuffs hanging loose? No. It’s essential you have a set.

5. Your socks must match. This is not a drill. It’s not hard either. You will wear matching socks to prom.

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