Let’s get things straight

How to iron like a pro


Listen up, lads. It’s time to straighten up your act. And don’t even think about asking your mum or dad to help.

You’ve chosen a pair of spot-on trousers (not too tight, never too long), you’ve committed to a velvet lined jacket because you’re going in hard on the suave, and your shirt is ready to be pressed. Do not cut corners, unless you want to look as crumpled as an empty packet of cheese and onion Walkers. It’s time to learn how to iron like a pro.


Switch on the iron (no sh**).



Different fabrics need different heat. “But how do I know what temperature?”. Use your eyes, check the label on your shirt/trousers/jacket, then match up the fabric with the handy dial on the iron.


Place the item on the board. Shirts get ironed from the collar down, trousers go from the waist to the leg. Iron slowly, but not too slow that you burn your suit. Burning yourself is also to be avoided. The only thing that should be red hot on Prom Night is your suit.

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