The pep talk

Be prepared for prom

So, you’ve got the suit, you’ve made pre-Prom plans with the boys and you’re pumped for a night out. So how do you make an entrance? Unless you’ve got a sound technician at hand to blast out the Rocky soundtrack as you strut through the door, I’ve got a three-step route to success. Groom, prep, ride.


Step 1. Groom

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. A slick hair cut is essential. Whether you wear yours long, short or shaved – book yourself in to the barbers ahead of the main event. Next, it’s time to pick a scent. Either stay safe with your staple, or try a new one in advance. I repeat, try this in advance. There’s nothing worse than a dodgy smell that lingers all night.


Step 2. prep

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. And nobody likes a failure, do they? Freshly ironed suit? Check. Polished shoes? Check – I’ve shown you how to do this, too. Keys, card, wallet, phone, chewing gum? Check. Game face? Check. Date? Who cares. You’re prepped and ready for Prom.



Whether you’re riding solo, with a date, or with your mates, we’ve got the ultimate Prom accessory up for grabs. Drumroll, please. A Rolls Royce Dawn. That’s right, you can pull up at Prom in a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce Dawn. What are you waiting for? Enter the competition, now.

Disclaimer: The Rolls Royce Dawn is just for one night. Cool credentials are for life.

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