Merino wool – you’ve probably heard of it and know it’s a bit special, but what’s it got that other wools don’t?

There’s loads of science behind what makes Merino the premium choice, and there are plenty of reasons why it’s worth digging that bit deeper in your pockets for this valuable wool.




We’ve established it’s a wool, but what makes it different to standard wool? It’s all in the breeding. Merino wool comes from Merino sheep (unsurprisingly). They’re originally from Portugal but now most of them live down under in Australia and New Zealand. Selectively bred for their high-quality wool, they give us one of the finest and strongest natural fibres money can buy.

Getting from sheep to jumper involves lots of spinning to create yarn. It’s an ancient technique, but technology has made things much easier and quicker (which also makes the wool a bit easier on your wallet these days). At Moss Bros., the wool we use for our 100% Merino wool jumpers is woven in Italy using Tollegno yarns. They’re renowned for their quality, so you know you’re getting the good stuff.




A really fine wool, it’s soft, lightweight and comfy to wear. It’s also well-known for keeping your body temperature in check because it traps air and moisture. Holding air makes it insulating when it needs to be, while the moisture retention helps cool you down if it’s warm. And, its ability to hold moisture makes it anti-static so it shouldn’t cling to you.

Naturally elastic, Merino wool will help your knitwear keep its shape wear after wear. Ours is woven with double fibre yarns to make it extra resilient. And as a completely biodegradable natural material, it won’t do any harm to the environment – always good for the conscience.




You’ll usually see Merino wool in knitwear, though it is sometimes used for suits and base layers.

Because it helps keep your body temperature at a happy medium, you can wear the pure stuff all year round. It’s ideal when you’re in between seasons and it’s difficult to judge how the day will turn out. And since it’s lightweight, it’s easy to layer up too.

If you tend to feel the itch of wool, give Merino a go. It’s much more gentle – the exact reason why people choose it for items that sit directly on the skin, like base layers.

You’ll pay a bit more for pure Merino wool because it is so sought after, but it means you’ll have a long-lasting staple that will look stylish and keep you warm (or cool) season after season.