November is here, which, of course, welcomes the arrival of moustache season. Whether you’re growing one for charity, or just fancy unleashing your inner Ron Burgundy, growing a killer ’tasche takes time, patience, and a bit of TLC. We’ve caught up with the moustache-masters over at grüum, to share their mo-taming tips.



One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to moustache growing is trying to create a style that isn’t suited to your hair, or that you don’t have the commitment to see through.

You need to be realistic; if your facial fuzz tends to be a bit thin on the ground, trying to grow anything other than a pencil ‘stache will likely leave you looking like an awkward teenager (as Michael Cera kindly demonstrates here). Even for the hairiest of chaps, longer styles like the handlebar can take around 6-12 weeks to look half decent, so make sure you’re ready to ride it out.




In the early stages, the easiest way to keep your ‘tasche in check is to trim it with a set of beard clippers. This will keep everything at a neat uniform length. Once you hit the 3-4 week mark, you can switch the clippers for scissors, focusing on the longer hairs around the mouth.

If you’re trying to grow a handlebar, avoid trimming anything towards the corners of your mouth, as you’ll need length here to create that signature curl.



More often than not, with fresh facial hair also comes the dreaded itch. If you’ve ever experienced this yourself, you’ll be all too aware of how mind-numbing it can be. But don’t be too hasty to reach for the razor, there are a few things you can do to keep it at bay.

The main cause of early-stage ‘stache itch is the new hair follicles cutting into and irritating the skin, so your best line of defence is to soften everything up.

Give your face a daily scrub with a gentle exfoliating face wash, paying close attention to the moustache area. Once dry, apply a generous amount of moisturiser. Once your mo has grown past a short stubble, you should switch the moisturiser for beard oil. Work a couple of drops through the hair, making sure you get right down to the skin underneath.




We’d hope this one’s pretty obvious… The last thing you want is remnants of your lunchtime meal-deal festering in your mo, so keep things clean by giving it a daily rinse with water, and a beard wash a couple of times a week.



A comb and a tin of beard wax go a long way in giving your mo some extra oomph. Facial hair doesn’t tend to grow in a uniform direction, but it can be trained. A daily comb through with some wax will help the hairs to grow in the direction you’d like them to. Wax can also be used to create a more extravagant style, like the handlebar. Just apply a small amount of wax to the ends, and twirl between your finger and thumb.


Skincare a new ball game for you? Not a seasoned wet-shaver? Desperately trying to tame your whiskers to no avail? The guys at grüum have got loads more tips and advice available on their blog. Or give them a shout on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. Their tailored grooming kits contain everything you need to take care of your face and if you take their 3-step survey, they’ll let you know which products are best for you and give you 50% off your first order.