Here’s how to make the season’s lightest colours pull their weight in your winter wardrobe.


Words: L. Thorpe

It’s often the heroes who claim the spotlight, but there’s an undeniable allure to the darker side of the silver screen. On-screen villains have always captivated audiences with their charisma, complexity and, often, their impeccable sense of style.

From sharp suits to eccentric looks, menswear experts at Moss have uncovered which villains are well known for their outfit choices. Using a combination of search data and social media sentiment, they’ve ranked the best dressed villains from TV and film.

If you’re looking for some Halloween costume inspiration this year, take your pick from some of the most stylish on-screen antiheroes.

Moss - navy flannel gilet

Erik Killmonger – Black Panther

If we had to use one word to describe the Black Panther supervillain’s style, we’d probably say combat-ready. Killmonger’s style is heavily influenced by his military background with tactical gear that’s easy to move around in. His clothing reflects his training and battle readiness, but can be styled in a more relaxed way; replicate his look with a crew neck jumper, flannel gilet and brown hiking boots.

Moss - tailored fit ink herringbone suit

Hans Gruber – Die Hard

The suave evil mastermind Hans Gruber exudes sophistication with his European fashion sense and polished demeanour. He tends to wear dark suits, blue toned shirts and a contrasting tie when he’s plotting, making this a simple go-to costume choice. An ink herringbone suit, cotton shirt and silk tie are the perfect Gruber combination.

Moss - tailored fit blonde camel suit

Raoul Silva – Skyfall

Played by Javier Bardem, James Bond’s Raoul Silva combines flamboyant style with a menacing presence, creating a memorable antagonist in the James Bond franchise. He’s a fan of a light-coloured suit, worn unbuttoned and as a two-piece.

Moss - tailored fit black and white check suit

Hannibal Lecter – Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal

Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s tailored suits and refined taste in art make him a stylish but sinister character. In the television series ‘Hannibal’, the titular character wears one-of-a-kind suits that match his flashy, sophisticated persona.

A tailored black and white check suit will do nicely, but if you want to create a suit that fits you perfectly and matches your style, choose Custom Made, and design a suit that’s just for you.

Moss - slimt fit black tuxedo

Patrick Bateman – American Psycho

Wall Street guy Patrick Bateman is known for his grooming habits and designer wardrobe, reflecting his obsession with appearances in the film American Psycho. The pinnacle of ‘80s style, you can get the look by wearing a formal tux, or going full pinstripe.

Moss - slim fit burgundy velvet jacket

The Joker – Batman

Heath Ledger’s Joker is a chaotic but iconic character, with his distinctive purple suit and menacing makeup. It’s not a look that’s for everyone but it’s one that’s been replicated countless times; if you prefer to try a more muted version, choose a warm-toned velvet jacket and matching bow tie.

Moss - black borg bomber

Alonzo Harris – Training Day

Alonzo Harris, portrayed by Denzel Washington in the film Training Day, tends to wear neutral streetwear so he can blend in as needed. You’ll usually see him in a black jacket and dark, understated clothing that exude the confidence he needs to always show. A black button down shirt paired with a bomber jacket allows for a similar casual aesthetic.

Moss - black performance suit

Agent Smith – The Matrix

Agent Smith, portrayed by Hugo Weaving in The Matrix trilogy, has a distinct and iconic style that reflects his role as a relentless and formidable antagonist within the virtual world. Dressed in a sharp, tailored black suit, white shirt and dark sunglasses, Smith’s appearance is a stark contrast to the leather-wearing freedom fighters led by Neo; Smith’s look is about precision and order. A black performance suit, white stretch shirt and a black textured tie are all you need to recreate the look.

Moss - zegna cloth regular fit naples suit

Moriarty – Sherlock

Moriarty, the enigmatic and brilliant nemesis of Sherlock Holmes, as portrayed by various actors in film and television series, exudes a style that reflects his cunning intellect and penchant for chaos. Typically dressed in impeccably tailored suits, Moriarty’s wardrobe includes well-fitted three-piece suits, crisp shirts and ties, all in a range of dark, rich colours. These outfits project an aura of confidence and power – replicate the look with a sharp, tailored Italian suit.

Moss - tailored fit navy black check suit

Lex Luthor – Superman

Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor – Superman’s nemesis  – is a tech genius with an eccentric, modern style that reflects his intelligence and deviousness. At the beginning of the film he’s often found in casual clothing, but once he turns to the dark side he favours sharp, checked suits and striped shirts.