Being brave enough to show your colours means standing tall and letting your individual style shine through.

No matter the occasion, we think there’s always room for a little personality in your look and adding some colour will instantly set you apart from the safely-dressed crowd. With that in mind, we asked blogger Toni Tran to show us how he’d use colour to suit up for four different occasions. From a wedding to a formal evening out, to everyday work and play, his looks are proof of the power of colour to show some character.

Take a look at his four looks below and see the full story over on his blog.




Big days require a bigger effort on the style front and a bold blue suit is eye-catching but still suitably elegant for a special occasion. As the groom, the best man or even a guest, if there’s ever a time to crack out the 3-piece, it’s a wedding – just make sure you keep your last button undone on your waistcoat to show you know what you’re doing. Make like Toni and add a little romance with accessories in soft shades and floral patterns, but stick to similar hues for a sharp finish.




As Toni says, “real men wear pink”. We agree and would like to add that any colour is yours for the picking – the key is to wear it with confidence. Burgundy and pink together are a bold move, but by keeping the accessories to a minimum and adding casual styling like an open collar, rolled-up sleeves and bare ankles with loafers, the overall effect is totally at ease.




Blue suits mean business in more ways than one, but how do you stand out in a sea of similarly-hued suits? Toni’s take is to play with pattern and texture. Rather than sticking to the staple white shirt that most of your office will be wearing, he’s clashed a striped shirt with paisley accessories for extra texture and interest. Notice how they’re all blue? By sticking to similar shades he keeps things professional.




When you’re looking to impress you need to step up to the plate, but even if you’re going somewhere formal there’s still room to have fun with your look. Adding a bow tie takes Toni’s burgundy 3-piece into more sophisticated territory, while matching its shade to his suit and shoes makes a bold head-to-toe statement that’ll stand well apart from those who safely stick with black.