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Men's Funeral Suits

During this sad and difficult time there are so many things you need to do. We have selected a limited range of formal funeral suits in a range of different fittings appropriate for the ceremony for you to choose from. These include not only the traditional black suit, but other dark colours to suit the occasion

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What is the most appropriate suit for a funeral?

Tradition suggests that darker colours like black, charcoal grey and navy are the most suitable suit colours for a funeral. But, it does depend on the type of service and the feel of the day - for some a funeral is a celebration of life rather than focusing on tradition. It’s best to get a feel for that before you decide what to wear. If you’re not sure, or it’s going to be more on the traditional side, it’s best to go understated but smart and respectful. Skip anything that’s too bright or flashy (unless that’s what’s been asked for as part of the funeral) and don’t go too casual in jeans or trainers, again unless that’s the feel of the day.

What should men wear to a funeral?

At a traditional funeral, it isn’t usually about standing out, instead it’s about paying your respects - and part of that is staying in line with the dress code. You usually won’t go wrong with a dark suit in black, grey or navy with a light coloured dress shirt. White is the easiest colour choice, but any more muted shade will work. A tie’s often optional, but if you choose to wear one, again make it something simple. Clean, polished smart shoes are usually best, and, if you’re going traditional, go for black or brown. If the family has made specific requests or guidelines as to what to wear to the funeral, it’s respectful to take those into account and show your support.

Can I hire a suit for a funeral?

Hiring a suit for a funeral is a great idea if you don’t already have something suitable in your wardrobe, and don’t necessarily wear a suit regularly enough to want to buy one. It can help you to feel smart, comfortable and respectful of the dress code. It’s important to get the timings right when it comes to suit hire - we usually recommend hiring with as much notice as possible, but that isn’t always an option with a funeral or memorial service. However, we can often accommodate last-minute orders, though it isn’t guaranteed. Here’s what you need to know about funeral suit hire.

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