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Around 28 million people in the UK are single, with dating being the 29th most popular way of spending time for Brits.

Even though we do it a lot, it’s no secret that modern dating comes with some challenges; one of them is working out what to wear, especially for men. Getting the balance of style, confidence and comfort is key, but isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

To find out more, we commissioned an independent survey to discover which areas in the UK have the best-dressed dates.

The country’s best dressed region

When it comes to dressing to impress, there were some key differences in how each region approaches what to wear for special occasions and dates. Londoners were the most likely to sport a suit for a first date, followed by the South East and South West (joint with Wales), showing a slight North/South divide in how men choose to approach first date dressing.

However, this trend isn’t reflected when it comes to other special occasions like weddings and parties – Londoners are the least likely to dress up for an event. While the North/South divide isn’t as clear, suit-wearing for special occasions was highest in Scotland, Ireland and the East of England. Locations across the East – including the Midlands, North East and East of England – all said ‘yes’ to a suit for special occasions more often than other regions.

One of the more formal ways to dress for an occasion is in a tuxedo or a dress suit. They’re usually reserved for black tie events, which often involves wearing a bowtie. Just 9% of men surveyed said they felt very comfortable tying a bowtie without any help (including photos, videos or guides). Need some advice or ideas on what to wear for black tie? Our Dress Code: Black Tie Guide has it covered.

Black tie dressing

A big part of the black-tie dress code is wearing a bowtie. But if you only wear it once in a blue moon, you might not feel as confident tying yours. You’re not alone; the vast majority of men we asked weren’t convinced that they’d be able to tie a bowtie – and for it to look good – without some help.

Men under 35 said they felt the most certain about their bowtying abilities, with older men more likely to choose a clip-on style. Men in London and the North East were the most confident when it came to putting the finishing touches to their outfits with a tie.

Need a refresher for your next event? Our guide on how to tie a bowtie shows you a easy way to getting this style right.

Gen Zs and millenials prefer to dress up

How each generation dresses, dates, and socialises tends to differ. We extended our research to determine if age made a difference when dressing your best for a date.

The age group most likely to go all-out and wear a suit for a date is those aged 25-34, showing a cross-section of older Gen Z and younger Millennials who are looking to make an impression on a date, and enjoy dressing up day-to-day when things are more casual. Just 5% of men aged 65 and over would wear a suit for a date, showing that dressing up isn’t a priority for dating amongst the older generation.

Men aged between 55-64 and 35-44 were more likely to feel more comfortable and confident dressing casually for a date. Overwhelmingly, men of all ages preferred to dress more casually when it comes to dating, showing that perhaps there isn’t as much of a style divide between the ages.

Men over 65 are most likely to wear a suit for a special occasion

When it comes to dressing for a special occasion like a wedding or a party, 52% of men surveyed said that they’d feel good in a suit. Men aged 65 and over were the most likely to wear suits for a special event, followed by those aged 35-44. Those aged 25-34 were least likely to feel confident wearing a suit for an occasion.

Just 19% of men said they felt comfortable knowing what to wear for different occasions, with the majority expressing they felt somewhat relaxed when it came to deciding what to wear and when.

If you’re not feeling confident about wearing a suit or don’t know how to find the right style, our suit fit guide will help you get the right fit for you, while our guide for what to wear for every occasion will help you nail your look for any event.

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