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A tuxedo is up there with one of the most refined things you can wear, so when you get the opportunity to wear one, embrace it. For formal occasions, proms and black tie weddings, our selection of tuxedos is designed to deliver on dress-coded invitations. Choose from silk-trimmed peak lapels and elegant shawl lapels, or try something a little more out there like a double-breasted dinner jacket. Add a pristine dress shirt and revel in all the details with our collection of black tie accessories, like bow ties, shirt studs, cummerbunds, dress shoes and velvet slippers.

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What's the difference between a tuxedo and a regular men’s suit?

A men’s suit and a tuxedo are usually designed differently and worn in different settings. A tuxedo tends to be a pretty standardised style of suit that’s worn at formal evening events with a black tie dress code. They tend to be black and feature satin or grosgrain lapels and are worn with accessories like a cummerbund, bow tie and dress shoes. Regular suits tend to have more variation when it comes to cut, colour, fabric and style, and you can wear them to work, weddings and events.

Can I wear a regular black suit instead of a tuxedo?

While a black suit can work for plenty of formal occasions, it isn’t the same style as a tuxedo. If the dress code is truly black tie, then it’s usually best to go for a tuxedo, for a more formal, elevated look that fits with the event. You can sometimes go more relaxed with your tux, so if you feel like it works for the event, get creative with your colour choices and accessories.

What is the best colour for a tuxedo?

The best colour for a tuxedo is traditionally black. However, navy can also look the part when you choose your tux. Feel out the formality and style of the event before you commit to a style choice that might make you stand out.

Do you have to wear a bow tie with a tuxedo?

Traditionally, a bow tie is worn with a tuxedo. It complements the formal style of a tux, and means that you’re sticking with the traditional black tie style. As the night goes on, there’s nothing stopping you from loosening up your tie to hit the dancefloor. Check out the guidance for the occasion to see what you can work with; some black tie invites are actually more relaxed than that. If you’re stuck on how to tie one, our bow tie guide is here to help.

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